Treatment Progress Guide

To give you a clear understanding of what treatment progress looks like at Utah Sports and Wellness, scroll slowly down this page and as each box appears, correlate the information to your own symptoms.

As you will see, we only recommend continued treatment to patients based on the results they are looking for. We endeavor to treat your symptoms efficiently while having you participate as much as possible in your own self care. This saves you money and empowers you to make the treatment decisions that serve your best interests.

To navigate the Treatment Progress Guide, simply begin scrolling down this page until the next box appears.

Your First Visit

Consisting of an initial analysis of your reason(s) for coming to us, your first visit also includes treatment recommendations. For most issues, we typically recommend one or more of the following:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments (Spinal or Extremity) & Laser
  • Microcurrent for pain relief
  • HBOT
  • Massage

Once your treatment plan is established, we generally recommend implementing the plan for three weeks.

Your 3 Week Progress Review

After three weeks of treatment, we completely review your case, measure the results, and perform an even more thorough muscle testing evaluation (AMIT exam). The direction of your treatment plan changes from this point depending on your treatment results and the results of your AMIT exam.

If it is determined you are making…

Excellent Progress

70%+ Improvement

If it is determined you are making…

Good Progress

50-70% Improvement

If it is determined you are making…

Slow Progress

-50% Improvement

Recovery Process

Stabilization Phase

When showing “Excellent” progress, you will then enter a 4-week stabilization phase. Treatments here include:

Adjustments over 4 weeks

1-2 rehab/exercise visits

Solve the Underlying Problem

If you are only experiencing “Good” or “Slow” progress, in order to get you into the “Excellent” progress category, depending on the case, we will recommend some combination of the following treatments for an additional 1-4 weeks:

  • AMIT muscle work
  • Additional chiropractic adjustments
  • New FSM frequencies for pain relief

Complete Resolution of Problem

Once the problem is completely resolved, we will give you suggestions for continued exercises as well as additional rehab to maintain your treatment results.

Self Care

Upon entering self care, you can decide to schedule monthly wellness visits or go to an “as needed” visit schedule.

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Underlying Problem Not Solved

If the underlying problem is not solved by the above treatments, we will then try some combination of the following:

  • Check and review notes, AMIT muscles, movement patterns, and occupational stressors
  • Help you schedule an X-ray or MRI
  • Review additional treatment options with the goal of improving your outcome

Lack of Acceptable Resolution

The vast majority of our patients make “Good” or “Excellent” progress after 4-8 weeks of treatment with a complete resolution of the problem at no more than 10 weeks of care.

If you do not achieve an acceptable resolution after 10 weeks of care, we end care and refer you to one or more specialists who may be able to better help. We are a results-oriented clinic, therefore we never recommend continued care to patients who do not achieve the level of progress they desire within an acceptable period of time.