Chiropractic adjustments realign and mobilize joint structures for better motor and brain/body connection.

We offer 3 Types of Adjustments

  1. Light force, NSA Chiropractic or Tonal Adjustments: This approach uses very light pressure to cue the brain into recognizing where the misalignment is and reduces pressure along the spinal cord. This technique only uses enough force to dent a marshmallow.
  1. Instrument Adjusting: We use a device that measures resistance and applies the appropriate rebound force to move the vertebrae. The Impulse IQ adjusting instrument has a computer and accelerometer on-board to create the exact right amount of movement for each segment or tissue being addressed.
  1. Structural Adjusting done by hand: The joint or vertebra is taken to tension and a subtle force is applied to move the bone slightly. There is a definite art and skill that comes with experience required to make this adjustment happen with ease and comfort. When done properly, many patients prefer this technique.
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