The Importance of Getting Adjusted on a Regular Basis

In the past few weeks we’ve had several patients who’ve expressed their gratitude (to themselves) for staying on a monthly adjustment schedule.

I love hearing this sort of thing. It’s the primary reason I embarked on this career path over 35 years ago.

I started getting adjusted when I was about 13 years old. I had some mid back pain that would usually show up when the weather started getting damp and cold (kind of like right now in Utah). I was also experiencing stiff necks and sore throats quite a bit as a child. I remember using Chloraseptic mouth spray to help keep the pain down, but the relief was only temporary and the back pain was unpredictable.

My aunt suggested to my mom that we see her Chiropractor and see if he could help. Soon after I started getting my spine adjusted and my problems went away. Not just my back pain but my sore throats and stiff necks. My twin brother started getting adjusted and his headaches disappeared.

This was a tough period of my life. I left home at 17 years old because of an abusive father, but I continued to get adjusted and learn more about chiropractic. It fascinated me and I was seeing improvement in other areas of my life as well. I know it sounds crazy but the adjustments were helping me with physical, mental and emotional challenges as I was trying to put myself through college during this period and my Mom was also dying of cancer. I believe regular chiropractic care really helped me through these tough years.

Fast-forward 10 years the late 80’s. I’d been in practice a few years and started noticing that patients were experiencing what I felt with my care. Not only we they getting relief from problems, but if they stayed and got under maintenance care, they reported their life went “easier”. The regular tune ups were giving them benefits well beyond pain relief.

It’s funny because that’s exactly what I noticed over the years and patients are still saying it today. A patient in the office this morning said “I thought this ankle was going to be swollen for the rest of my life. I looked at it this morning and couldn’t believe how much better its doing”.

I’m very thankful to all my clients and their kind words. If you’re not stopping in on a regular basis you could be missing some great stuff! Try getting an adjustment once per month for 3-6 months and see what you notice; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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