A Personalized Approach to Chiropractic Care2016-11-30T03:52:40+00:00

Our doctors have beehealthy_chiro_emblemn chiropractic patients for almost 95 years. They have both personally and professionally experienced things that might be considered “miracles” by some people. Things like twin boys’ asthma going away after 2 months of adjusting the spine, pain over 10 years gone in 5 visits, one patient getting his hearing back after being deaf in one ear for over 20 years and much more. In that time the profession has changed dramatically but there are still some long term beliefs that we have a hard time shaking. Things that keep people from calling to make an appointment. We want to clear a few things up about how we take care of our patients. Here are few “beliefs” and our response to them:

  • Belief: Chiropractors scare you into getting treatment.
    • Our approach: We’ll perform a functional examination and review the findings with you. We’ll show you the problems, you’ll be able to see and feel the areas that are not working. We’ll create a plan of action that works for you.
  • Belief: It’s going to take A LOT of office visits.
    • Our approach: No it’s not going to take seeing you 3 times per weeks for 10 weeks or have you sign up for a years’ worth of visits or spend 90 seconds “cracking’ your back on an assembly line office with everyone else watching. We work very hard to get a significant improvement in all of all patients in less than 6 visits. Our techniques have been used in the NFL, NBA, MLB, Tour de France and more. Those athletes can’t wait 6 months for improvement, neither should you.
  • Belief: Once you go to a Chiropractor, you will always have to go.
    • Our approach: We definitely believe in monthly wellness visits BUT, we think we need to EARN the right to ask you for that AFTER we correct your initial problem. We NEVER guilt, pressure or force you into long-term care. You make the choice that best suits your needs.
  • Belief: Chiropractors say they can fix everything.
    • Our approach: I’ve NEVER said or implied that in 31 years of practice. What we think is that people should always try conservative approaches to problem solving FIRST. And, just as important, put a 1-month due date on the expected changes. If you don’t see significant changes in 1 month, maybe you should re-asses in the treatment is right for you.
  • Belief: Chiropractors only fix back problems.
    • Our approach: Not true. Our doctors have years of training in correcting bio-mechanical distortions, muscle imbalance and soft tissue problems. We also see significant improvement in many “whole-body” problems by restoring the nervous system to proper function.
  • Belief: Chiropractors need to “crack your back” to make improvements.
    • Our approach: Not true. Our doctors have years of experience using many adjusting techniques. Some patients prefer a traditional chiropractic structural adjustment others prefer the doctors use a computer assisted instrument. We even use a technique that’s as gentle as denting a marshmallow. And they all work at different time for different people.