The Newest Member of the USW Team

Hello friends of USW!  My name is Taylor and I am a new member of the USW team. I have stepped into the position of marketing coordinator.  I thought I’d take some time to tell you a bit about myself.

I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah, studying Communication Science and Disorders with an emphasis on Speech Language Pathology.  My goal for the future is to specialize in brain injury and stroke victims.  I’m sure you are asking yourself how I ended up as the marketing coordinator for a chiropractor.  I believe that my calling in life is to improve others quality of life.  This is where Dr. Cerami and I hit it off.  We share a mutual appreciation for wellness and helping people attain it.

Running is another one of my passions though it wasn’t always.  I was a soccer player in high school who hated running because it was used as a punishment.  But when my senior season was over, I needed something to keep me busy.  So I started with a The Lisa Menninger Training Group through Salt Lake Running Company.  With the help of my coach and group members, I fell in love with running.  And the rest is history.

I am really excited to have this new position. In the few weeks I’ve been here so far, I’ve learned that Utah Sports and Wellness is an amazing place.  Dr. Cerami and Guiglotto are amazing at what they do and have the best intentions for every patient. Everyone here is doing their very best to make the lives of our clients better.  I am proud to be involved and can’t wait to meet all of you wonderful people!

Taylor Schweitzer

Marketing Coordinator


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