Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are times in life where we have an opportunity to try new things– it’s a great part of life! The exception for most people, or possibly where the problem lies in a new experience, is that we have already determined the outcome. We have created the story about this experience before we actually have the experience.  This can dampen enjoyment and hinder us from making the most of a new experience as well as halt us in expanding our knowledge about a particular thing or idea.

I would place a new thought into your minds. As Bruce Lee would say, “Empty your Cup.”  One cannot have a new experience with a full cup.  This, of course, is much harder than it seems. That old story will creep in constantly to diminish our new experience.  New experiences SHOULD be exciting- they’re a discovery of sorts.  Try to remember when you were a child learning to ride a bike for the first time.  Seeing other, older kids riding their bikes seemed really exciting.  They were riding their bikes laughing, enjoyment evident on their faces.  So of course you went into that experience with a sense of excitement and wonder.

Try to find people in your life who really enjoy the thing it is you will try, look at their faces, their enjoyment and try to channel that as you try your new experience.  Sure, there are experiences that no matter the amount of positivity will not yield desired results.  Still, there is no reason to write the story before it is written.

As a chiropractor I find that people come into the office with an expectation.   Usually it is that they will be “cracked” and hopefully they will feel better after that.  The cracking sound is actually termed and “adjustment” and is a small change to the area of the joint either in the spine or extremity that will properly align the bones in question to allow them more range of correct motion thereby providing less pain due to a reduction in inflammation.  While some people like this “cracking”, others do not.  At Utah Sports and Wellness we offer a variety of different techniques in addition to the traditional adjustment that will achieve the same effect- one of them being Network Spinal Analysis, which does not make a cracking sound and requires the pressure it takes to dent a marshmallow.

Apart from chiropractic adjustments, Utah Sports and Wellness offers many other injury prevention and treatment options. Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) is a revolutionary technique designed to re-activate muscles that have become inactive, or dormant, due to that same inflammation and the body compensating for that inflammatory pain.  In other words, in response to injury some muscles “turn off” and other surrounding muscles have to compensate. AMIT re-establishes that muscle-brain connection to get your body functioning the way it is supposed to. We also use techniques called Graston and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) to remove scar tissue from chronic problems in the soft tissue and joint.  Many times using these conservative methods means we can avoid surgeries.

My advice, empty your cup.  Be excited about the possibility of a new experience, whatever it may be.  Enjoy your life to its fullest with no pain.  How would it feel to get that nagging problem to go away and be able to re-write your story and have more enjoyment again in everything you wish to do?

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