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Why Utah Sports & Wellness?

Why We’re Different

Dr. Cerami has over 30 years of clinical experience treating pain and injuries without drugs, surgery or long treatment plans. We respect the healing capacity of the human body and believe a non-invasive approach should be the first step to restoring your health. We are confident that by removing chiropractic and biomechanical distortions as well as correcting functional muscle and soft tissue imbalances, we can help you feel significantly better in less than 6 visits.

Call today: $95 for Examination and Consultation (new patients only).

Noticeable Results in 2-6 Visits

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Client Testimonials

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Jerome G.

Achilles Tendon Pain:
April 2017

Jerome is a 39-year-old site eBay manager and came in for an Achilles tendon pain. Although it took about 6 weeks to completely resolve his issue, we had more than 60% improvement in just 3 visits. Many sports injuries can be resolved significantly faster with our therapies.

small icon representing sports related painJamie M.

Low Back Pain & Arthritis:
March 2017

Jamie is a 42-year-old stay-at-home mom who came to Utah Sports and Wellness with lower back pain and arthritis. She was feeling better within 2 weeks. Jamie decided to continue care with our special discounted once per month adjustment Season Pass.

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Karen T.

Plantar Fasciitis:
February 2017

Karen is a 51-year-old ski instructor who first came to us after a total hip replacement. She most recently suffered from a bout of Plantar Fasciitis and after four visits in two weeks, she is 90-95% better. Dr. Cerami has taught her that with regular maintenance, she can continue her active lifestyle.

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Dan L.

Toe and Ankle Pain:
December 2016

Dan is a 33 year old snowboard instructor and mountain bike/river guide. He came in to Utah Sports and Wellness seeking relief from 5 year old toe pain and 15 year old ankle pain.  After about a moth Dan has mobility in his toe and pain in his ankle is greatly reduced.  Dan has recently started the snowboarding season and is able to give lessons pain free!

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Christina P.

Relief from a Long Term shoulder Injury: November 2016

Christina P. is a very active woman who has used our services for several years. Before coming to us, she had a bad adjustment to her jaw that left her very skeptical of chiropractic adjustments.  After being treated by Dr. Cerami, she is seeing lasting results and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone dealing with any kind of pain. She now comes in for regular adjustments and is able to do yoga and all of her other activities pain free.

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Anterior Compartment Syndrome, Shin Splints: August 2014

JK had all the signs of Shin Splints and ACS. The pain was isolated to ~ 6 square inches just above his left ankle. Once I ruled out any red flags for treatment I worked from his feet to his hips in fixing biomechanical distortions, pronation in both feet, and identifying which muscles were imbalanced and not firing. The treatment plan was 2 times per week for 3 weeks consisting of spinal and extremity adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, cold laser therapy, muscle work and FSM Microcurrent for pain. Each visit was approximately 50 minutes because his life and work were being affected by his pain level and JK wanted to get through the problem as quickly as possible. Pain was reduced immediately after the first visit and progressed quickly over the 2 weeks with the area of pain getting smaller each visit. We provided JK some homework and stretches which accelerated the healing process. Follow up treatment at this point is 3 more visits as he increases the load on area to make certain he can do all of the activities he wants without pain. After that he has the option to call us when he needs us or he can come in once a month for wellness appointments.

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