Utah Sports and Wellness and the COVID-19 Challenge:

We’re all in this together and we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe. We are open, with limited hours (MONDAYS 12:00pm-6:00pm, WEDNESDAYS 8:00am-12:30pm and FRIDAYS 8:00am-12:30pm) for our patients that need us for everything from pain relief and injury management to emotional balancing and increased immune support.

If you (or someone you know) are in pain and the above hours do not work for you, please reach out to us at info@utahsportsandwellness.com

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Head & Neck


Knee & Leg


Hips & Spine

Why Utah Sports & Wellness?

Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine

Utah Sports and Wellness has over 40 years of clinical experience helping patients recover their health without drugs, surgery or invasive procedures. We are experts in treating pain and injuries, as well as allergy elimination, restoring nutritional balance and providing a clear path to long term wellness.

Noticeable Results in 2-6 Visits

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