Our Mission

Where it All Began

Dr. Cerami personally started under chiropractic care in 1970 when he 13 years old and struggled with occasional back pain and sore throats. Chiropractic adjustments solved his health issues but more importantly, the science and philosophy really grabbed his attention.  As the years passed his interest in human anatomy expanded to the point where he decided to dedicate his future to becoming a health care practitioner. He left home at 17 and worked a variety of jobs to pay for his education throughout his undergraduate and Chiropractic degrees.

Dr. Cerami graduated and began his professional career in 1985 in New Jersey as an associate with Dr. Michael Hatrak. They soon built one of the largest practices in the Philadelphia area. Dr. Cerami opened his own practice in 1987 in rural Pennsylvania which focused on family and maintenance care. In 1995 Dr. Cerami moved to Utah with his wife so she could complete her medical residency at the University of Utah. Since being in Utah, he has expanded his practice to treat complex sports injuries, post-surgical complications as well as chiropractic and wellness. His practice thrives because or good clinical outcomes as well as personalized attention.

Just as Dr. Cerami stood on the shoulders of those who helped him along the way, he is working currently to prepare the next generation of doctors to advance his work even further.

Health Philosophy 

Our goal is to help our community live a better and happier life by being pain free and performing at their best level, which helps not only them but everyone around them. Our services work with the innate wisdom of the body to speed up and enhance healing and performance.

Treatment Philosophy

We believe that although Chiropractic care can be extremely effective, just moving bones isn’t enough in today’s world. Proper clinical diagnosis and treatment are required to help patients recover quickly and permanently from simple and complex problems. Our regular office visits find and fix problems regardless of where they are located. All cases are different, but in most situations, patients can expect complete resolution of their problem in less than 10 visits. 

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