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Pain Management Treatment (Patient Testimonials)

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Jerome G.

Achilles Tendon Pain: April 2017

Jerome is a 39-year-old site eBay manager and came in for an Achilles tendon pain. Although it took about 6 weeks to completely resolve his issue, we had more than 60% improvement in just 3 visits. Many sports injuries can be resolved significantly faster with our therapies.

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Jamie M.

Low Back Pain & Arthritis: March 2017

Jamie is a 42-year-old stay-at-home mom who came to Utah Sports and Wellness with lower back pain and arthritis. She was feeling better within 2 weeks. Jamie decided to continue care with our special discounted once per month adjustment Season Pass.

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Karen T.

Plantar Fasciitis: February 2017

Karen is a 51-year-old ski instructor who first came to us after a total hip replacement. She most recently suffered from a bout of Plantar Fasciitis and after four visits in two weeks, she is 90-95% better. Dr. Cerami has taught her that with regular maintenance, she can continue her active lifestyle.

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Jason F.

Back and Hip Pain: December 2016

Jason is a 47-year-old triathlete who suffered from back and hip pain when running.  He never thought to see a chiropractor because he had never gone to see one before.  After his first visit with Dr. Cerami, he could run again.  His treatment took a month but he was able to continue training through his treatment.  Anytime Jason has issues arise, he trusts Dr. Cerami to get him back on track.

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Dan L.

Toe and Ankle Pain: December 2016

Dan is a 33 year old snowboard instructor and mountain bike/river guide. He came in to Utah Sports and Wellness seeking relief from 5 year old toe pain and 15 year old ankle pain.  After about a moth Dan has mobility in his toe and pain in his ankle is greatly reduced.  Dan has recently started the snowboarding season and is able to give lessons pain free!

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Christina P.

Relief from a Long Term shoulder Injury: November 2016

Christina P. is a very active woman who has used our services for several years. Before coming to us, she had a bad adjustment to her jaw that left her very skeptical of chiropractic adjustments.  After being treated by Dr. Cerami, she is seeing lasting results and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone dealing with any kind of pain. She now comes in for regular adjustments and is able to do yoga and all of her other activities pain free.

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John E. – (Listen HERE)

Rock Climber Returns to Full Strength: February 2015

John E. is a very active retired physician that used our services to repair soft tissue trauma in his shoulder. John was restricted on movement and strength in many areas which was limiting his ability to perform at the level he was accustomed to. His treatment plan took about 6 weeks where we mobilized his shoulder with adjustments, corrected muscle weakness with AMIT, and removed inflammation using FSM Microcurrent.

The most significant change came with the AMIT muscle work. Our examination showed 21 muscles shut down in the upper extremities including all 5 heads of the Deltoid, 4 divisions of the Subscapularis, 2 divisions of the Infraspinatus and more. His initial muscle testing caused pain and lack of any sustained strength on all of these muscles. After AMIT, ALL of the muscles tested strong and John noticed a complete reduction in pain and a return to full motion.

We were so pleased to help John in his recovery and greatly appreciate his efforts in providing us a very nice testimonial.

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Julie W. – (Listen HERE)

Even Medical Doctors see Chiropractors: November 2014

I know this is obvious but I still hear stories about people not believing in chiropractic. It’s like saying you don’t believe in gravity; just because you haven’t tested it lately don’t mean it’s not real. Anyway… Julie is a Yoga student at Mudita Yoga (in our building) and was having some significant pain in her lower back  for years. She’s an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast as well as having to deal with the challenges and schedule of being an ER physician.

We tested a variety of parameters on her initial exam and decided on a 6 visit, adjustment only treatment plan. Julie reported sleeping better the first night and had less pain within a week. Within 2 weeks she felt significantly better. At the 3 week progress review mark she was 80-90 % improved. We reduced her schedule to every 2 weeks then to 1 visit per month. She now comes in about every 4-8 weeks and enjoys her mountain biking and yoga much more without the irritating back pain she had for so many years.

We can’t help everyone but we can help the vast majority of patients who come to see us. Take a minute and share this with a skeptical friend who doesn’t ‘believe” in chiropractic.

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Teresa – (Listen HERE)

CHRONIC KNEE PAIN: 48 Year old Female

Teresa was an interesting case. Her history had a few key components that caught my attention. Her chief complaint was 10 years of chronic knee pain. She had been to a few other physicians and had films taken with limited success. I initially assumed from her consultation that I would find significant arthritic damage on her x-rays and proceeded with that expectation. However the exam revealed significant foot and hip misalignment which hadn’t been addressed so I was hopeful. The first visit I adjusted and taped Teresa’s feet and knees to see if this was pain secondary to bio-mechanical misalignment. I also lasered the area and adjusted her lower back. She noticed a dramatic improvement and decrease in pain after the first visit. Treatment plan was 2, 10 minute visits per week for spinal and extremity adjustments for 2-4 weeks. No FSM was used because the pain was significantly reduced after the first week of care. The x-rays showed very minimal sign of damage and Teresa improved to 90 % within 5 visits. Follow up care recommendations are 1 visit per week for 4 weeks than as needed or maintenance. I strongly suggest Teresa follow up on AMIT muscle work to re-activate the glutes and hamstrings when she’s ready.

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Andrea L. – (Listen HERE)

“½ Marathon, Here I Come!”

Andrea is a 34 year old Mom who wants to complete a ½ marathon but has been struggling with a painful right foot for 3 years. I met her at the Salt Lake Running Company where I did a brief evaluation of her complaints and made some recommendations. Andrea tried a few of our home therapies and then made an appointment to see me at the office.

Andrea had seen a few health care professionals prior to us with no success. One physician told her she “shouldn’t be running”. Andrea reported that her pain would increase in direct relationship to the amount of time she was on her feet. Her examination revealed 4 major problems:

• Pronation in her feet bilaterally which we corrected with taping and inserts

• Weak lower extremity muscles.

• Forward rotation in her left hip.

• Subluxated Navicular bone on her right foot.

I treated each of these problems on consecutive visits along with addressing her inflammation with Angstrom Magnesium and fish oil supplementation and Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Andrea made substantial symptomatic improvement after her first visit and within 6 office visits she is starting to run with no pain. Her goal is to complete her ½ marathon next spring. She is very happy to be pain free and will continue to work with us while she is layering on the additional miles leading up to her event.

Dr. Cerami

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Rick S.

Teacher more comfortable on his feet

Rick has been a patient for a few years and recently mentioned he was having some numbness, swelling and pain in his left foot. I suggested he make a separate appointment for us to examine the feet and find the source of the problem.

When I examined Rick, I found the classic sign of Morton’s Neuroma (’s_neuroma) which can be very painful. I explained to Rick that we can do a few adjustments to the foot as well as cold laser the area and tape the arch of the foot. This treatment approach repositions the bones of the foot and, in my experience, takes the load of the boney distortion which causes the nerve to swell. This is a completely painless and quick procedure.

A one week follow up with Rick showed dramatic improvement. He reported the swelling almost gone and the pain has dropped dramatically. I suggested some inserts for his motorcycle riding boots, adjusted him again and expect the pain to continue to decrease.

Take home: The office has continued to grow in the treatment of lower extremity problems which include the foot, ankle and knee. We’ve had very good success with a variety of complaints and can usually help patients quickly. So just because we do chiropractic work, don’t limit your expectations of us to treating only spinal problems.

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Glade C. – (Listen HERE)

40 Year old Athlete gets rid of knee pain

Listen to Glade discuss his quick recovery from knee pain and how we helped him meet his ½ marathon goal with less than 6 sessions. Dr. Cerami used a combination of shoe insert, Rocktape, Spinal and extremity adjustments, cold laser and Microcurrent over the first few visits to correct distortions and reduce pain and inflammation.

Dr. Cerami

•Please call us if you have questions on how we can help you meet your race or health goals.

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Erika Q. – (Listen HERE)

No More Knee Pain for this Ragnar Mom

Erika has had knee pain for the past few years and has gotten limited success using chiropractic care, physical therapy and bracing. Her previous treatment protocols were time consuming and expensive. Erika is a stay at home Mom whose husband found out about us because he wanted to use our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber HBOT.

At her husband’s recommendation, she set up a brief consultation with me so I could do a quick assessment to determine whether I could be of help. Her exam revealed poorly tracking patellar (bilateral) and severe pronation in one foot. I Rock-taped her feet and knees on the first visit as well as made a few structural corrections to her lower back.

When Erika got off the table she couldn’t believe her knees didn’t hurt. We scheduled her for 3 more sessions to help her get ready for the Ragnar Relay which included adjustments, FSM and HBOT. After her first visit she reported she was better but not able to run more than a few miles without pain; an improvement but not enough of it. It took the additional two visits for her to feel “great” and not have any pain at all on running or going up and down stairs.

I showed Erika how to tape her knees if she needed any help during the Ragnar Relay and sent her off to have fun.

Dr. Cerami

• Sometimes there is a simple fix to a long standing problem. Call us to see if taping is an answer to your injury

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Linda B. – (Listen HERE)


Linda is very pleased with her quick results at Utah Sports and Wellness. Her back, foot and knee problems only took a few visits to resolve. Her Mom attributes her good health and great mental attitude to regular chiropractic care for decades. Mom had been telling Linda to get in for years and when she finally did, thanked her Mom for the recommendation.

It’s always fun to watch family members stay well together. Remember the more they invest in their long term health goals the less sick they will be in their later years. Good for everyone:)

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Chris – (Listen HERE)

Another Happy Triathlete

I met Chris at one of the Salt Lake Running Company injury consultations I do monthly. He made an appointment with the office a few months after I initially examined and talked with him.

Chris reported he ran the St. George marathon in quite a bit of pain even with the help of aspirin. His pain was focused in the inner side of his right knee. Chris told me he had plans for the 70.3 Half ironman in Oceanside at the end of March and his knee pain was unrelenting. He had increased pain with all weight bearing activity as well as running and biking.

As I worked my way through the follow up examination and treatment I focused on the 2 main problems that I saw: a severely rotated hip and high arches in both feet. After correcting the hip imbalance and testing all lower extremity muscles, I adjusted Chris’ feet and fit him with an over the counter set of inserts for his biking shoes to support the arch.

Chris reported a “60-70%” improvement on his second office visit. I again adjusted the feet, hips and knees and lumbar vertebra as I found the pattern hadn’t cleared completely.

Chris felt another 10% improvement on his next visit and his adjustment were holding well. I knew he would need a different type of support for his running shoe but, as is customary for my protocol, I don’t make custom orthotics until we have completely corrected the extremity distortions.

The next 2 visits were scheduled to reduce inflammation in the knees with Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The orthotic was made for his running shoes (flexible and light vs. more rigid for cycling shoes) during this period as well.

Successful completion of this case was done in less than 10 visits and Chris is now very excited to train injury free for his race.

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Dorothy is a past patient of Dr. Cerami’s, who chose to come back to see him when she started experiencing pain that she wasn’t able to manage on her own. After just three treatments with Dr. Cerami she emailed us the following:

I still don’t know exactly what you do, but after the treatment this morning, most of the extreme tension in the neck and shoulder is gone. Everything I do, like movement, soaks, hot pads, help in small increments, but after your treatment, there is a quantum improvement. I was quite conservative in my estimate of improvement this morning, but now the pain in both the neck and shoulder is back to normal tension, not pain. So I would say 80% improvement. And, it continues to improve through the day.

Thanks, and see you next week.


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Curtiss – (Listen HERE)

Curtiss is a 45 year old Delta Airline employee that arrived at our office in a lot of pain and a history of surgery and epidural injections for low back pain. On his first visit with us Curtiss could hardly stand and was taking Naproxen for the severe pain he was experiencing. His MRI report showed severe central canal stenosis, disc protrusions, osteophytes and bilateral facet arthrosis. Basically his spine had been under extreme compression for years and all of this damage was coming home to roost.

My goal was to check the causative factors of this damage and see if we could correct them one at a time. Curtiss and I agreed that the problem needed to be dealt with from a causative level as surgery and medications were not getting him the results he wanted. His main object was to get better so he could again play and spend time with his young daughter. In his present condition, he couldn’t enjoy any activities with her because he hurt too much.

After the exam, I laid out a 4 week program for Curtiss that involved 8 chiropractic visits and 4 FSM sessions. After the first visit he reported he slept much better. Within a week he “waking almost normal”, and within 3 weeks Curtiss was had a 50% to normal recovery. We reduced his visit schedule to once per week shortly thereafter and now he reports feels great and really enjoying time with his daughter. We will see him for a few more visit and then move him to our once per month maintenance schedule.

There were a few important “take home” notes on this case:

#1) Curtiss was relatively young when his back started hurting. With the type of damage seen on the MRI, his degeneration started well before he became symptomatic. Like tooth decay, many spinal problems get very bad before they start hurting.

#2) At 45 years old Curtiss is probably only ½ way through his life. This condition would continue to erode his spine and his health unless treated. If he had waited another 10 years to treat these problems we may not have gotten such good results.

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Monie R.

Dr Cerami is a no nonsense kinda of guy who I really appreciate. The doctors I saw before him encouraged me to trade in running for biking since I am “older”. I was not only mad, but depressed and knew that was not an option for me. After weeks of pain and not running or participating in any activities along with advil therapy, I was desperate and made an appointment with Dr Cerami.

Six weeks of treatment both bio adjustments and FSM treatment I was able to run the first time pain free in months. I really noticed a huge improvement after the first FSM treatment and could not wait till the next one to feel better and better. I received two more since and am thrilled about the results. Although, my mileage is reduced, I am able to run three times a week and continue cross-fit training.

Thank you Dr Cerami!

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Martina V. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Martina V. is a very active 38 year old female athlete and teacher. She was referred to our office by a past patient. Martina back country skis, runs, does yoga and hikes regularly. She reported her symptoms began a little over a year ago with increased pain especially in her left knee in the past 3 months. She had an MRI done prior to seeing us which yielded no conclusive results. She tried a variety of treatments with no real progress.

Martina’s first visit was on March 9th where we identified pelvic rotation and neurologically inhibited muscles at the L1 and L5 nerve root levels. We up- regulated the area with Cold Laser therapy and made bio-mechanical corrections, then scheduled her for a series of 6 visits. She reported increased soreness and being more symptomatic (overall) on her 2nd and 3rd visit, but her mechanics and balance showed significant and sustained improvement. On her third visit her knee felt better but she reported her sacro-iliac (SI) joint pain was causing her distress and questioning whether she made the right decision to see us. This was on a Friday.

Martina’s next appointment was on Monday the 21st and she came in all smiles. She was thrilled and amazed that she had no pain for 4 days and couldn’t get over how good she felt even after hammering her body skiing over the weekend.

She continues good progress and all of her clinical findings are showing substantial improvement. We will be seeing her weekly for a few weeks and then offering her a wellness schedule program with a visit every month or two if she is interested.

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Nicky – (Click HERE to Listen)

Nicky is a 32 year old Mom and fitness instructor whose first visit with us was on February 9th 2011. She was referred by a friend who is also in the fitness business. Nicky had been struggling with right shoulder pain since October 2008 from an injury and was getting increased pain while teaching her classes. In her quest for recovery, Nicky tried numerous doctors and therapists, has had 2 cortisone shots, x-rays and an MRI and was told she should start looking for surgical options because nothing else had worked.

I recommended 2 biomechanical visits to correct muscle imbalances, neuro integrity and spinal alignment. These visits improved range of motion and whole body movement and set the stage for soft tissue work with Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  We scheduled 2 initial FSM visits to determine which frequencies would be most effective and Nicky felt change almost immediately. After her 4th FSM treatment she reported a 60% overall improvement and she was 100% pain free with increased movement after her 5th session on February 28th, 2011. I gave her some rehabilitation exercises to do at home and scheduled her for a follow up visit in a month.

Nicky is very happy with her results and wants to sincerely thank the person that referred her.  Please remember to tell others we may be able to help where other methods have failed.

Note: Dr. Cerami will be posting ~ 30 case reports from around the world on how FSM was involved in helping people with all kinds of serious conditions. Look under the “Energy Medicine Tools” section on our home page for this exciting information coming soon.

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Brent – (Click HERE to Listen)

Brent came to see us for Plantar Fasciitis (PF) from a referral at the Salt Lake Running Company. I’ve have good success on patients with PF in the past from studying with one of my mentors that works on NFL players and pro athletes Dr. Hatrak, . Dr. Hatrak and I have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years and he has pioneered many clinical protocols that work exceptionally well.

Brent had struggled with the problem for over a year and seen all of the doctors and specialists he could find with no results. As is more usual than I would like to admit, we were his last choice. His examination showed hip rotation and leg discrepancies, weak muscles, and misaligned bones in his feet, ankle rotation and cervical subluxations. I adjusted his hips, feet and knees and lasered his low back; within 2 visits Brent had relief from pain for the first time in over a year. Now 3 weeks later, he is leaving for a vacation to Europe and is thrilled his feet won’t be hurting with all the walking he’ll be doing. He is so excited he has referred his wife in to see us.

I know there are many people that have injuries that won’t go away no matter what they try. Brent tried everything he and the doctors could think of. There is plenty of information on Plantar Fasciitis and other treatments for sports injuries on the internet and many of them will work. I’m all for self-correction and self treatment, but there’s also a time to be honest with yourself and understand that you may need to see a professional to help you solve your problem. We pride ourselves on having techniques that are very effective and in many cases get success (in a few visits) where others have failed. Don’t give up; call or email us to and find out if we can help.

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Marilyn A. Roubidoux, MD

Professor of Radiology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“My adult daughter had severe problems with neck and shoulder pain for several years, which seemed to be due to some old minor injuries and fibromyalgia. This became much worse when she became an ultrasound technologist, which required using her right hand and arm daily at work. Nothing gave any relief until she started treatment at this clinic, and the results have been (in my mind) quite miraculous, and changed her life for the better. After I injured my back in a fall, I had had no improvement with physical therapy, and the pain got worse after a 12 hour airplane trip. Every morning I woke up barely able to turn over in bed. Since my daughter had had so much improvement with treatment in this clinic, I also had a few treatments when I was visiting in SLC, and also had improvement of my back pain.

When I returned to Michigan I told some friends about these good results. One friend has had severe disabling migraines for years, and she started treatment with a similar practioner here in Michigan who was recommended by Dr. Cerami. This friend has now had 4 weeks free of migraines, for the first time in years. She is surprised and delighted that something ‘finally helped’. I am very impressed with the results of these treatments. If have friends or family are needing pain medication to function, or have had no success with conventional medical treatments, I encourage them to consult with Dr. Cerami.”

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Chelsea H. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Chelsea is a 37 year dental hygienist who came into the office in May 2009 with frequent headaches and neck pain. Initially her cervical spine was extremely tight as a response to the years of built up tension from subluxated and misaligned vertebra that may have begun from a auto accident in 1992. She was rating her headaches a 9 on a 1 to 10 scale. Within one visit she reported she felt 10-15% better. Within one week she rated her headaches down to a 4; 3 weeks later she reported a 60% overall improvement. Please remember, these changes are achieved with only very specific chiropractic adjustments and entrainments; in other words all natural. We are presently getting ready to move her to maintenance.

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Barbara S.

“Thank you for showing me what life is like free of pain.”

Sports Injury Treatment (Patient Testimonials)

Small icon representing sports injuryJK – (Listen HERE)

Anterior Compartment Syndrome, Shin Splints: August 2014

JK had all the signs of Shin Splints and ACS. The pain was isolated to ~ 6 square inches just above his left ankle. Once I ruled out any red flags for treatment I worked from his feet to his hips in fixing biomechanical distortions, pronation in both feet, and identifying which muscles were imbalanced and not firing. The treatment plan was 2 times per week for 3 weeks consisting of spinal and extremity adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, cold laser therapy, muscle work and FSM Microcurrent for pain. Each visit was approximately 50 minutes because his life and work were being affected by his pain level and JK wanted to get through the problem as quickly as possible. Pain was reduced immediately after the first visit and progressed quickly over the 2 weeks with the area of pain getting smaller each visit. We provided JK some homework and stretches which accelerated the healing process. Follow up treatment at this point is 3 more visits as he increases the load on area to make certain he can do all of the activities he wants without pain. After that he has the option to call us when he needs us or he can come in once a month for wellness appointments.

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Molly P. – (Listen HERE)

A Quick Turn Around and Asking Questions

There are a lot of concerns patients have when seeking a new physician. The most basic one in my profession is the assumption that “He will keep you coming back over and over again and it will take forever to get better…” Let me address that if I may.

First off, no two professionals are exactly alike; not attorneys, not teachers and not chiropractors. Please don’t throw us all in together. Yes, there are some docs in my line of work that ask to see you for many months. Their clinical protocol is different than mine as are their treatments and goals. There are also some chiropractors that will do a few quick “cracks” and send you on your way. Not the best approach in my opinion, but some patients like that. Our practice is focused on sports injuries and we have developed a great sequence for reducing pain and fixing the problem usually in less than 30 days. If you do better than we expected, there’s no need to keep you coming in over and over again. We’ll adjust your schedule of care based on your symptomatic and functional improvement.

For example, I had 3 new patients in January that required a minimal amount of work (~ 4 visits each) to fix their problems. Two were runners and one was an 11 year swimmer. They responded very well to the treatment I provided and we will start having them resume normal activities immediately and check back in on them in a few weeks. My point is that we treat everyone as an individual not a number. We have a busy practice, but it’s not crazy. I only see one patient at a time and my support staff has a great way of helping me and making you comfortable.

If you are looking for new doctor, ask around and find some patients that have been here and ask them their experience. Call the office and ask to speak with me if you have questions. I’ll be direct and honest with you; please return the favor. If we agree on what I do and what you want great, if not try someone else.

Pretty basic but helpful advice no matter whose services you need.

Dr. Cerami

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Aaron L. – (Listen HERE)

Wide receiver blazes his way through the 4th quarter with help from the Hyperbaric Chamber

Aaron plays wide receiver for the Utah Blaze and came to see us after we helped another teammate with a high ankle sprain. We first ran FSM on his turf rash with good results and then had him start using the HBOT chamber. The lack of cramping late in the game came as a total surprise to Aaron and removing the barrier to performance could really make a difference in his professional career. We are thrilled with Aaron’s results and expect to see even more improvement as the season unfolds.

More and more NFL players and sports professionals are finding the benefits of using the therapy on a regular basis to help with their recovery and pre-game preparation.Check out our website on hyperbaric for more info. If you are an endurance athlete and have some “A” races coming up this summer, consider trying this therapy pre and post race to help you get the results you want. (You can do a PubMed search for information from our HBOT page for more published research articles)

Small icon representing sports injury


Stacy is one of our Park City patients; she’s also a mom and a sports enthusiast. She completed 2 triathlons this summer and enjoys many sports. Stacey is a busy woman; wife, mom, and sales rep for a number of sports products. She visits us every month or 2 for maintenance tune up.

During her last visit in September, she informed me her #5 toe was hurting quite a bit since she jammed it against a dresser moving around the house while she was barefoot. She had taped it to the 4th toe and reported it hadn’t gotten much better since the injury.

I examined her foot and suspected she may have broken her toe. I checked the alignment of the ankle, foot and other bones and lightly adjusted suspect toe as it felt dislocated. We also taped it and her Achilles to take pressure off the foot. I told her to give a call back and tell us how her progress was going sometime in the next week or so.

As life so often dictates things, I didn’t see Stacey again until 5 weeks later and when I examined her, she reported that her foot/toe was still quite painful. I asked why she hadn’t been back in and Stacey, being very honest, said it was difficult to get in with her schedule (I can totally understand) AND that if her toe was broken, there was probably nothing that can be done to help it. I had a few ideas on how to help but first we sent her out to Salt Lake MRI for some films and sure enough, she had a broken toe.

Within 2 days we coordinated Stacey’s next appointment so that she could stop in before heading to the airport for work travel. I wrote up a protocol for our Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) machine that I’ve seen help in these situations with the hope of helping Stacey get some pain relief and speed up her fracture healing.

Below is her response to the treatment, sent to us via email:

1- I felt an immediate improvement on both my pain level and pain type. My pain went from a sharp constant pain to a dull pain with moments of little to no pain. This is the first relief I’ve had in almost 2 months.

2- I also had a 50%-60% improvement in my achilles tendon, on that same foot. I have a much larger range of motion and much less pain when trying to ‘stretch it out’ in down dog, for example. This is a double bonus because I know we were more focused on the toe but this tendon also found much relief from the treatment.

Small icon representing sports injury

Julia – (Listen HERE)

Julia is a 56 year old executive that loves to run and has done triathlons in the past. In her training for the St. George marathon, she injured her right ankle which caused considerable edema and swelling. When she tried to run the pain increased so she stopped running for a few weeks and saw no improvement. She was referred to our office by another runner we helped that was in her running group. She had serious doubts about completing the marathon as her training was at a standstill.

Initial examination revealed her foot was subluxated at the talo-navicular joint and had a tarsal tunnel inflammation. She also had moderate pronation in both arches which we taped after the foot was adjusted. Pelvic rotation and lower lumbar subluxations contributed to the problem. Because Julia travels for work quite a bit we had to juggle her schedule of care. After the structural alignment was completed in 4 visits we treated the soft tissue with FSM Julia reported no change after the first FSM session. The edema in her foot dramatically decreased after the next 2 FSM treatments and the pain was gone in less than 2 weeks from her initial visit with us. We followed up with some additional “clean up” work to make sure her foot and hips were stable and could handle the additional demand of mileage. We are happy to report Julia ran 22 miles last weekend and will be on the start line of the marathon ready to go.

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Tyler H. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Tyler is a hair stylist that dropped a floor jack on his foot last week. He posted a photo of the injury on his Facebook account and thought the [hyperbaric oxygen therapy] chamber was “a little strange”. After just one session he noticed a dramatic decrease in pain and swelling. Listen here for more details.

Small icon representing sports injury

Kim – (Click HERE to Listen)

Kim came in to see us after meeting with me at the monthly injury consult I do at Salt Lake Running Company. I remember when we first met she seemed very skeptical about whether we could help her. The other thing I noticed was that this woman was committed to getting back to a sport she totally loved and I could see at least a glimmer of hope peeking out from behind her skepticism. She told me her running was a big part of her life and helped her manage the demands of running a small business and taking care of her family.

Her initial symptoms were bilateral knee pain, right hip pain that was present years ago (now resolved), pain wearing high heels and low back pain. She had visited multiple doctors and therapist with no results. Her examination revealed both hips were rotated backward; she had pretty severe foot pronation, good cervical spine alignment but also some restriction on range of motion in the neck. I muscle tested upper and lower extremity nerve roots and found a hidden problem with her left Lumbar #5 that was now working. She also showed asymmetry between her left and right pelvic position and a functionally longer left leg.

Her treatment plan was a straightforward approach: On the initial visit I cold lasered the L5 nerve root which turned on the inhibited muscle which then tested out fine. I corrected the leg discrepancy, adjusted her lumbar vertebra as well as 2 cervical vertebrae to improve function and nerve flow. I adjusted and taped her feet gave her a few things to do and scheduled her for 4 visits at a twice per week schedule.

On her 4th visit, Kim was reporting a 60% improvement. I saw her a week later and she was 95% improved from her initial visit. She will continue care as needed with a schedule that works for her. Kim is very excited to be back on the road and pleased she continued to look for answers to her problem.

Small icon representing sports injury

Jessica – (Click HERE to Listen)

Jessica came to see us for a grade 3 ankle sprain that occurred in July of 2010 while she was playing soccer. She visited a “doc in the box” that didn’t do much for her. She continued to suffer with pain and lack of movement for 6 months which restricted her ability to teach as a fitness instructor. Her problem was not getting any better no matter what she tried.

She found us through an advertisement and by checking out our website. Her initial exam showed soft tissue damage as well as misaligned bones in her foot and initial signs of scar tissue formation. We adjusted her feet 2x per week for 3 weeks and cold lasered to improve ATP production and restore neurological integrity to muscles that were inhibited in her leg.

Jessica showed dramatic improvement within 1 week and was done with the bio-mechanical corrections in 6 visits. We followed up with 2 Frequency Specific Microcurrent sessions to handle the soft tissue trauma. She is 95% better and now is back to her full time job as a Mom, fitness instructor and soccer player. She is doing rehab exercises at home to rebuild muscle strength in her ankle and will see us on an as needed basis.

We were happy to help this young woman get back to doing the sports and activities she enjoys so much.

Small icon representing sports injury

Matt G. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Matt came to see us after hearing from a few friends we might be able to help him. He is a Olympic skeleton athlete as well as a stuntman. Matt was having severe foot and ankle problems from an accident that occurred a year prior. He had seen multiple doctors and was looking at possible surgery to repair the damage.

After 4 session with Dr. Cerami Matt noticed significant improvement and felt almost 100% within the month. He is very happy to continue working in his chosen field and excited to feel his body is once again working at full strength.

Here’s a YouTube montage of some of his work:’

His record breaking dunk at a Utah Jazz game:

Matt has just been signed to do some stunt work on a popular TV show filmed in Portland. Congratulations!

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Alex L. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Alex is a 22 year old engineer working in Salt Lake temporarily and originally from Kentucky. He is an athlete and spends his time running and weight lifting when not at work. His chief complaint on an initial visit to our office was headaches after doing a strenuous squat and pain radiating to the top and back of his head. He rated the pain a 7 out of 10 and had no change in pain day or night.

Our exam showed misaligned vertebra in his neck and mid back, weak muscles on his left side accompanied with a elevated left shoulder of 1-2″ higher than the right side. We also found bilateral foot pronation.

First visit treatment include spinal adjustments, cold laser neurological up regulation, adjustments to the feet and knees and muscle work on the glutes and rhomboids.

Alex reported less pain after one visit and reported he was 50% better after his second visit. We continued a treatment protocol to correct and stabilize the neuro-spinal system and prescribed a pair of orthotics. Alex reported increasing his dead lift weight from 185 pounds to 225 pounds within 3 weeks. (His lifting partner wonders what he did to get stronger so quickly!). This is the most he has ever lifted and he reports feeling great.

After 12 total visits, he has chosen a once per month wellness visit and continues to be pain free.

Small icon representing sports injury

Lisa S.

“Becoming a client of Dr. Cerami was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done for my body. After a strange shoulder injury began to affect my sleep, my mood, and my general well-being, my husband recommended that I see a chiropractor. I have practiced yoga for about 10 years and thought that a chiropractor wouldn’t really be able to do anything that my yoga practice couldn’t do. I was wrong! Dr. Cerami’s gentle touch helped re-align and soften my spine and shoulders. He not only relieved my pain but has helped me open my shoulders once again and I have regained flexibility that I thought was lost permanently. My yoga practice has been enhanced and so has my general well-being. I appreciate Dr. Cerami’s mild manner and have highly recommended him to many of my friends in the yoga community.”

Spine Treatment (Patient Testimonials)

Larger Spine Treatment Icon

Wes – (Listen HERE)

Wes is a 60 year old male that presented at our office with leg and low back pain for months. He had seen a number of physicians prior to us with no results and was encouraged to see us for an initial examination from his son, who we treated earlier in the year.

The examination revealed hip rotation, leg length discrepancy and subluxations in the lumbar and pelvic region. We sent Wes out for x-rays because there was a concern of disc injury and the report showed moderate to severe Spondylosis at L4/L5.

Treatment summary was 2 times per week for 3 weeks using FSM and adjustments. Wes’s pain was reduced almost immediately and within 3 weeks he was feeling 70% better. We changed his schedule to adjustments only for 2 weeks and had him do a rehab/exercise session with Cari so he could stabilize his back on his own and require less future office visits.

After 6 weeks of care Wes told me he hasn’t felt this good in years and he’s back to walking and enjoying his life.

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Aaron P. – (Listen HERE)

5 years of Low Back Pain almost gone in 3 weeks.

Aaron P. is a triathlon swim coach that was referred to us from his Dad who is also a triathlete. Aaron is very active but was being held back in his performance with back pain when he ran trails or did a lot of climbing on the bicycle.

His examination didn’t indicate any significant injuries so I felt we could get results pretty quickly. Aaron responded very well to adjustments of the spine and extremities and was feeling significantly better after 2 weeks of care. He experienced a few setbacks in week 3 after pushing himself on the bike one weekend. We addressed his foot position in his shoes using our special brand of insert and e3xpect a full recovery in a few more weeks once we address some soft tissue issues.

Aaron audio interview makes an important point for all athletes. Dr. Cerami does not make many changes in the athletes workout plan or schedule while he is treating them unless there has been an acute or significant, restrictive injury. This approach shows the patient the real improvement comes from the work we perform at Utah Sports and Wellness and not from taking time off or limiting their activity. In today’s world, patient’s demands are higher than ever. The physician has 2 choices: Step up to the challenge and meet the patients’ needs or get out of the way because you can’t help the patient at the level they desire.

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Tom W. – (Listen HERE)

Real Estate Agent avoids surgery with 15 visits

Tom visited the office with excruciating lower back pain 3 months ago looking for relief. I had seen him 10 years prior and he remembered the good results he achieved. He was also my real estate agent on the first house I bought in Utah in 1995 and represented my mother-in law on a recent purchase. Tom is 57 years old and an active mountain biker and loves activities that keep him moving so this was quite a shock to his lifestyle. Tom was adamant about doing whatever he could to avoid surgery.

Initial exam findings indicated disc problems in Tom’s lower back. He had pain running down to his toes and pain was exacerbated with sneezing and coughing. His x-rays showed severe disc degeneration at L4-5 and L5-S1 with left scoliotic curve, 9mm degenerative anterolisthesis and severe facet joint arthrosis. Also present was severe left hip joint space narrowing. What this means in plain terms is that Tom has years of spinal decay occurring in his lower back without many real symptoms. The degeneration process can advance silently for decades without indications of problems.

The first visit we used the Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument to carefully bring his hips in proper alignment. We checked his pronation and prescribed a set of inserts and well as did some therapeutic taping to provide muscle support.

Treatment protocol was 2 visits per week for 5 weeks comprised of chiropractic adjustments (using the impulse device), soft tissue work and Frequency Specific Microcurrent to polarize the Sciatic nerve and reduce pain. Tom was diligent about taking the fish oil and magnesium when we showed him the research on how they can help reduce inflammation.

His pain dropped almost immediately after his first FSM session but we couldn’t get it to stay down for more than a few days until Tom changed cars with his wife. I believe the vehicle change was crucial to allowing the disc to heal properly without the added inflammation from being seated with the knees above the hips as his car was geared more to taking clients to see homes and his wife’s vehicle was an SUV.

After the 4th week Tom started some light stretching and exercises. We reduced his schedule to every 2 weeks and as long as he keeps doing his morning exercises and doesn’t overdo his activities he’s feeling well. We still have a few months of care to complete but considering the severity of his problem, and the possible options, Tom is very happy to be almost back to full activities and even more thrilled to have avoided surgery.

Dr. Michael Cerami

• If you have a question about low back pain, please give us a call 801-486-1818 and we’ll try and help you in any way we can.

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I was driving to school that morning going over the things that I had to accomplish that day. I had just parked my car two and a half blocks from school. I couldn’t wait to talk to my friend that morning; I began to walk towards her…

I woke up on the cold blacktop from what I thought was a dream. I was so tired; my body was so heavy I was so confused. I slipped in and out of consciousness that whole day and that which I remember am not clear if it’s from memory or from a vivid imagination based on stories told to me. I couldn’t feel my legs, my back was killing me, and my head hurt like it had never hurt before. O asked repetitively what had happened always receiving the same response, “you’ve been hit by a car.”

I don’t remember much of anything else except for being in x-ray for hours and hours. To the medical team’s surprise there was nothing visibly wrong. I had no breaks of any kind just deep bruising on my legs and thighs road rash on my face and arms, a cut on my chin and a gash on the back of my head. At this point I was in pain off of the charts. I was released the next day by my request.

In the weeks to come I would be in bed pretty much all day except for when my mom wasn’t looking and then of course I would be up “walking”, forcing myself into a speedy recovery. Walking around made me nervous, for different reasons. One, I could feel a remarkable difference in my strength, basically I had none. Second, I was so weak and it hurt so much that it was hard to keep my spirits up about ever dancing again. Third, I couldn’t walk without the aid of something and I was walking like half of my body was higher than the other, it was. Reading gave me headaches, I had trouble staying focused and the words on the page were an absolute mess. All I could do was sleep.

Second semester was about to start against my family’s wishes I went back to school not even a month after my accident. In dance classes I would dress to move, but I was considerably slower than I was before and my knee and my back were just not cooperating the slightest bit. Underneath I was so discouraged, but I refused to let it show. I was very limited as to what I could do so most of the time I was home on the couch. I tried to work out, but it hurt and I didn’t feel it was beneficial.

The months continued to pass. I was still unable to move around like I used to, was still very tired and I hated to socialize. College started and unfortunately for me it only lasted for three days. On the third day of school, I came home feeling sadder than I had ever been, I was very lonely, scared, and I had a feeling of uselessness. I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep. It was so bad that it resulted in yet another trip to the doctor. I was diagnosed on the spot with social anxiety disorder, depression, and post concussion syndrome. I was put on the prescription drug Paxil. In about four weeks I noticed that going out became a little easier, I slept through the night, and generally my mood was better. I continued to go to physical therapy as well. I was given exercises that I did every day. I had to get better so I could resume normal active life. My body was always so tight, it hurt to lie down, to sit, to stand, to walk, and I couldn’t even run. I was so miserable.

It was in December that I finally found relief. It was nearly a year since the accident had occurred and not one thing had really improved. The pain had gotten gradually worse, not better. The prescription medicine made my personality change and I became very violent. I hated my friends and refused to go out, I cried all the time, I felt I had nothing to live for.

The latest symptom I had was inability to move my arms. No matter they were in I was always in pain. I was on my way to another doctor appointment, but first I wanted a massage. The lady who had given me the massages gave me referral to a holistic chiropractor. At this point I had nothing to lose. It was on Christmas Eve that I had my first appointment. About 6-10 sessions later I could not believe how measurable my progress had already been. I continued to go with much success. Before I knew it I was running; working out like I had pre-accident. I then got off my medicine with supervision of my doctor and began to take herbs that were specified for my needs. Not two months had passed before I was working out like a pro, mending forgotten friendships, cracking jokes, and embracing life. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Cerami. I have since taken my success and shared it with friends and family. Those that have chosen to take actions in healing their pain now know what I am talking about. Problems sometimes arise, but it is nothing that can’t be treated and over time helped. I have since forgotten about traditional doctors and have found a greater success by working with my body rather that against it.

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Colin N.

Colin N. is a patient who has recently benefitted from using Frequency Specific Microcurrent. He injured his mid back and was unable to walk for 3 days because the pain was so intense. We scheduled him for the FSM and I wrote up a protocol for disc and soft tissue treatment. Gaining insight through a complete case history and an effective diagnosis is critical in getting success using Frequency Specific.

Colin felt immediately better after his session and has recovered almost completely with just a few treatments.

Note: Dr. Cerami will be attending a weeklong conference and symposium on FSM in February 2011 in Las Vegas (click here for more info) where numerous speakers and papers will be presented. It’s an exciting time to be involved in Energy Medicine therapies that have the potential to change the way we view the body and provide hope and healing to many more people without drugs or surgery.

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Kris – (Click HERE to Listen)

Kris came back to the office after being away for 2 years. He had previous success with us helping him with a herniated disc in his lower back. As a construction worker, he depends on his body for his livelihood; so taking care of it is an absolute necessity. Pain that keeps people from working means that there’s no paycheck at the end of the week. Construction workers also brave the elements each day and are faced with a variety of challenges, both physical and mental.

Kris’s symptoms from his return examination revealed tight lower back muscles, spinal subluxations in L4 and L5 as well as the sacral base. Muscle testing also revealed weak hip flexors and tight hamstrings. He had also mentioned that he was getting debilitating dizzy spells at least 4-5 times per day. This was very dangerous because of his need to work in a basket sometimes 20-40 feet off of the floor. Vertigo at the wrong time could be fatal in this situation. Cervical compression was found at levels C2-C5.

Within 4 visits Kris was 70% improved – his pain was way down and the dizzy spells stopped altogether. We accomplished this through bio-mechanical alignment, chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy and orthotics. He will be promoted to wellness care if he desires or, after a few more visits, he can come in on an as needed basis.

This is one example of how straightforward it is to fix seemingly complex problems. I always wonder what outcome would have occurred if the cause of his problem had not been found (and how much wasted time and money it would have cost not only Kris, but his employer).

We have developed a protocol to analyze and correct problems in as few visits as possible. If you are suffering from a health issue, please give us a call and we’ll tell you if we can help. Happy holidays.

small icon representing spin injury

Ruth H.

4 hours and 252 miles later…

Ruth case is a little unique. She was referred from her daughter who receives Network Spinal Analysis Care (light contacts to the neuro spinal system- Dr. Cerami is a certified level 2 practitioner) in Chicago. Ruth called and had many questions and was honestly very skeptical on whether we could help her. This was quite understandable because she lived in Cedar City, Utah and was going to travel to see us a minimum of 2 times per week.

Ruth presented with a variety of symptoms; stabbing low back pain, aching right shoulder, migraine pain that would wake her up at night from a sound sleep. Perhaps most interesting was that she reported that her right eye cries (sheds tears) and her right nostril would run excessively for apparently no reason. Her goals were to be pain free as soon as possible and be able to garden again.

Her history revealed a severe auto accident in 1979 which caused significant impact to her neck and head. X-rays taken 2 years prior showed degenerative facet disease of the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine.

Initial exam findings showed a very tight lumbar region, pronated feet and subluxated cervical vertebra. We discussed some options to get results with her travel and the need for visits spaced frequent enough to create momentum for correction of the primary problem areas. We agreed to try 2 visits and see what results could be obtained. As mentioned earlier, Ruth was a bit hesitant. She looked me in the eye as to say “Are you sure about this?” to which I replied “When you start to feel better, I don’t think you’ll have any problem getting here, trust me”. We both laughed and I knew we were on the right path.

There was significant change on her second visit the day her initial exam. She reported the pain was down and she was feeling better and happy. Her third visit was a week later and Ruth said she felt good up until she started doing some gardening and the pain came back. Her next visit was unremarkable; not much change. However on further testing, I found weak muscles in her upper arm that we up regulated with the cold laser. I learned this technique from Dr. Jeff Spencer (Lance Armstrong chiropractor for the Tour de France). By lasering certain identified weak or imbalanced muscles, we can effectively “reboot” the nervous system. I finished my visit feeling that we found the cause of her problem and the visit next week was going to be significant.

Ruth came in the following week all smiles and almost pain free. No neck pain or headaches since her prior visit, even with gardening. All of her symptoms were almost completely gone. We did 2 more visits and made her a set of custom orthotics to stabilize her lower back and am seeing in about a month unless she has a problem. Ruth made me laugh when she said ” I had no pain after working in the yard all day Friday and Saturday last week. That’s when you get in the car and drive 4 hours for your appointment!” Thank you Ruth for your commitment.

This case shows me that the answer is not always obvious but if I keep looking and run the protocols I know, we can usually find the problem. The rest of the story is more clear: if the patient and I can agree to work together and build the trust and commitment necessary for healing we can almost always get results.

Dr. Cerami

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Susan D. – (Click HERE to Watch Pt. 1) and (HERE for Pt.2)

Susan came in to the office from a friend’s referral in November 2008. She was experiencing left side low back pain. She reported that she felt a 50% on her third visit and was 75% better on her 8th visit. She has since chosen a every 3 week maintenance program and is getting ready for her 1st Olympic distance triathlon.

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Leesa M.

“Thanks so much for relieving the pain in my back. I’ve learned a lot more about my spine after coming to you for adjustments.”

We appreciate the kind words from the thousands of people we have helped over the past 20+ years. I invite you to find out more about how we can help you. We promise we’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Dr. Michael J. Cerami

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Travis H.

“I initially came to Dr. Cerami for relief from my lower back and neck pain. Not only has my back and neck improved significantly, but he has also fixed my jaw that was locking and popping. Thank you!”

small icon representing spin injury

Bob H.

“If you can keep a complainer coming back you must be GOOD. Even though I got in your face you got in my back better. Thanks to you I know my golf game has improved, but my physical being [has improved] even [more]. Thanks. ”

Wellness Treatment (Patient Testimonials)

Larger Sports Wellness Treatment Icon

Theresa – (Listen HERE)

Triathlete back to racing thanks to Adjustments and AMIT

Theresa is a competitive, experienced age-group triathlete who has done multiple Ironman races around the world. She was referred to us from an existing patient to see if we could help her with a foot problem that has severely limited her running.

The case history didn’t reveal anything significant other than she had accumulated a lot of miles running and had seen 4-5 other physicians with a variety of diagnosis’s for this problem with no improvement. She also reported she had received cortisone injections in the foot.

My exam showed 3 main problems: excessive foot pronation, misalignment of 4 bones of the foot (Navicular, 2 metatarsals and the Talus) and soft tissue inflammation.

Treatment plan was 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks consisting of extremity adjustment, soft tissue work and Microcurrent for inflammation. We followed this work up with AMIT (advanced Muscle Integration Technique) where she noticed dramatic improvements in her muscle strength and balance.

Overall, Theresa responded very well and is expected to be able to compete at the St. George 70.3 Ironman in 2 weeks.

Final thoughts: Don’t under or over estimate your injury. There are many approaches to healing; find one that make sense to you. Get an examination and then commit to a treatment plan for a maximum of 3-6 weeks. If you don’t have results, you’ll need to find someone else. Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge finding the right person, but stay vigilant and you’ll get the results you want.

small icon representing wellness treatment

Marie E. – (Listen HERE)

Wellness and maintenance care pays big dividends for Marie

This month our theme has showing our patients the benefits of taking care of yourself with Chiropractic Care. Marie has been under our care for about 6 months. She initially came in for some complaints that impeded her ability to play tennis at the level she enjoyed. Most of those initial problems were corrected in the first month of care. After she completed 10 visits and during the progress exam I gave Marie the option of ending care and calling us when she needs us or moving to a “Wellness Care” program where we would continue working on her, making adjustments and improving the function of her neuro-spinal system. Our Wellness Care plan reduces the price of the office visit by 25% and supports patients who want to be proactive with their health by making a commitment to the office.

Marie has been coming in about once per month and continues to see changes in her health. Please note; She is not sick and has no pain. She gets adjusted monthly to help her function better and adapt to her world in a more positive way. I have been a chiropractor for over 27 years and have been regularly adjusted for over 40 years and feel, like Marie, that a well functioning spine and nervous system is vital to good health, wellness and attitude.

Dr. Cerami

small icon representing wellness treatment

Janna – (Listen HERE)

Jana was referred to our office my one of our trainer friends. She was experiencing severe plantar fasciitis and came in on crutches. We’ve only seen her a few visits so far but are happy to report within 3 days she was feeling much better and was thrilled to not need crutches any longer. Plantar Fasciitis takes about 2-6 weeks treat with the methods we use.

small icon representing wellness treatment


Imagine my surprise when I told the chiropractor it had probably been 2 months since I had been in and he looked at my information and said, no, it has been 3 months! Yikes! No wonder my colon is acting up. I tried to go without visits and was doing yoga, meditation, and other things, hoping that would suffice. Well, the yoga practice dropped off, and two days ago, I noticed bleeding in a bowel movement, so then I knew I had to go in. I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the past, but I have found that as long as I go regularly to see Dr. Cerami (about once a month to no more than six weeks between visits), then I am symptom free, healthy and require no meds! Of course, I need to watch diet and exercise as well. I told Dr. Cerami my colon let me know I was overdue for a “tune-up”.

Such a relief I felt yesterday as I lay face down on the table. I felt the energy (kundalini?) move up my spine as Dr. Cerami worked. It was amazing how blocks were broken up so the nervous system could function well again and send messages to the brain. I felt a release in the upper spine and then my body spoke to me. It said, “You do not need to look at the grass on the other side of the fence. That just creates conflict and makes you live a lie!” My body taught me in one brief second about the importance of integrity! It was weird, but it was one of those AH-HA moments I believe I shall treasure and always remember.

There are many ways to be influenced for good and one of those is to listen to our bodies. Sometimes one who is trained in the mechanics of healing processes can help us better than we can help ourselves. I love Network Spinal Analysis, because it allows my body to heal naturally, non-invasively, and without drugs! I also experience a connectedness to my body and a feeling of wholeness. I scheduled my next two monthly appointments and got “back on the wagon” to health by committing to come once a month to see Dr. Cerami!

“Dr. Cerami takes a few minutes below to expand on Susan’s story with his personal experience of Network Spinal Analysis.”

Network Spinal Analysis

This month’s case reflects another aspect of the work we do for patients. Over the years we have been referred many patients because of the techniques I have learned and developed in my 25 years of practice. One technique I have been using since 1992 is called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). It uses a very light contact (about the pressure it takes to dent a marshmallow) with my hand/fingers on certain areas of the spine we call “Spinal Gateways”. This light “entrainment” is designed to release stored tension in the spine and surrounding muscles to help the body unwind and allow energy to flow unabated. NSA is one of several “tonal” techniques that have been developed in our profession. It works wonderfully on almost everyone and I am proud to be a certified Level 2 NSA doctor. I use the technique on many patients and exclusively on others. It has been a real godsend for me personally and many patients that don’t want or need to have any structural work done on them. (I will put a video up on the site this month showing exactly what an NSA Entrainment looks like).

My personal story about NSA came in about 1992 when I was living back East and seeing a fellow friend (Dr. Charlie) who suggested I get entrained and see what I felt. Well, I was very skeptical as I just couldn’t see how such a light force (remember the marshmallow analogy) could do anything. If I didn’t really trust Charlie I would have never checked it out and it would have been my loss. Well, to make a long story short, on my 3rd visit while I was lying on the table, I started to feel my spine wanting to wiggle or something. It was totally weird! And I didn’t want it to happen so I said “You need to quiet down, I’m in charge here and there’ll be no wiggling”. After all, what if someone in the group room recognized me; no way I said. On the very next visit it happened again and my brain surrendered and said “Hey, this might be ok, let’s check it out , it feels more like a good stretch”. That did it. I started moving on the table and unwinding tension in my spine like crazy. Later that night I couldn’t believe how good I felt. As a side note, I had been receiving regular adjustments since I was 15 years old and I had never felt anything like this. Subsequent visits just kept releasing tension. I liked it J.

After a few months I figured I should learn how to do this Network stuff so I drove to Syracuse New York for a seminar and was blown away with the information and couldn’t wait to back to the office on Monday and try a few things out. As the Universe would have it, on Wednesday a new patient was referred in that had crazy bad problems. Tom had been to 8 doctors and gotten no help. He was working as a mechanic for another patient that sent him in and was having a hard time working because the muscles in his back would seize up constantly. I figured this would be a good guy to try NSA out on right? After the exam, I put him on the table and help 2 contacts. Within 30 seconds he started to move; not wiggle, move! It was like a I took a fish out of water and put it on a hot rock. Tom moved so much he almost fell off of the table. It was crazy! It went on for 5 minutes. When I got him up we both looked at each other not knowing what to say; we were speechless. I went and scheduled him for a few appointments and after he left my head was spinning and thinking “What the *#!* was that?

Tom came in for about 8 visits with a similar pattern each time. On his 9th visit he got up off the table and said “Doc, I gotta tell you something…” I listened. “Doc, I got my hearing back in my right ear.” “What?” I said as now I was having difficulty hearing. “You never told me you had a problem with your hearing.” Tom said, “Yeah I know, didn’t think it was important. But I should have told you that I’ve been deaf in that ear for 20 years since I was in a comma for a brief period of time when I was in the Army.” My jaw must have dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe it. The emotions hit me like a train and I fell back against the wall and started to cry. I was so overwhelmed and fortunate to help this man. The power of the body back on the job with a few marshmallow touches; holy crap.

The next thought in my mind was, and I remember it clearly; “I will NEVER underestimate the power and healing capacity of anyone’s body, EVER!”

So that’s my first NSA story and I have been practicing NSA for almost 20 years now and have seen stuff that like Tom’s story that would make your head spin. We have many methods to help you get back to better health so just ask us which one might be best for you. And please don’t be as stubborn as I was; let you spine wiggle whenever you want J

Dr. Michael Cerami

small icon representing wellness treatment

Scott R. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Scott is a married 31 year old male who is training for his 9th consecutive Deseret news Marathon. He had last seen me 5 years ago and had good results with a few visits. Scott reactivated himself as a new patient because he was experiencing a variety of complaints that wouldn’t go away. A number of people suggested other practitioners, but because he remembered the positive results and global health changes he got with our care, he called us. Scott immediately felt better after his first visit back and has been thrilled with his new found running performance and efficiency.

small icon representing wellness treatment

Gabriel C.

“I first came to Dr. Cerami in September 1996. When I started my first visits with the doctor, I really didn’t expect to see much improvement in my overall health. As time went on, I began to discover that I was feeling much better. My irregular heartbeat was improving; I started to sleep better, even my urination problem improved. Dr. Cerami’s philosophy has made a remarkable improvement in my health. I would certainly recommend his type of therapy. He is truly a dedicated doctor and is concerned about your general health. I would say to any one give him a chance to evaluate your own personal situation, and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.”

small icon representing wellness treatment

Shirley R. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Shirley has been a maintenance patient for years and started using the cold laser for some hand problems that never went away. After 2 treatments she felt dramatic change and referred her husband for laser therapy. She now gets a laser session about once per month to sustain her improvement.

small icon representing wellness treatment

Michael K., L.M.T

“I was first introduced to Dr. Michael Cerami through a conversation with one of his clients. My experience of chiropractic was in no way similar with what this gentleman related; his adjustment sessions sounded more like therapeutic touch. I am a massage therapist so naturally I was curious and made my first appointment.

I recommend Dr. Cerami personally to all my clients. I have observed his commitment to honoring the body and not allowing his own agenda to interfere. It is self-evident that he respects his clients and the awesome healing power within all of us.”

small icon representing wellness treatment

Eric F.

“I’m glad I found you, great service at reasonable prices!”

small icon representing wellness treatment

Sandi Z.

“Thanks so much for the good chiropractic care you have given me.”

small icon representing wellness treatment

Mark D.

“You know all of the nonsense that I went through with the medical people I was dealing with when I met you. Thanks for introducing me to chiropractic and your strong positive outlook.”

small icon representing wellness treatment

Janet D. – (Click HERE to Listen)

Janet came into the office with a variety of complaints including her arms falling asleep and rib pain from an auto accident which was affecting her sleep. She noticed changes after just one visit and feels “100%” after her 10th visit.

small icon representing wellness treatment

Ben H. – (Listen HERE)

Ultra marathoner gives BIG thumbs up to HBOT sessions

Ben has done a few session of HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) at Utah Sports and Wellness with very good results. If you’re an athlete at any level, try a session or two and see how you feel and perform. HBOT is currently used throughout the sports world for recovery and pre performance preparation. Dr. Cerami has used it weekly in his build up to Ironman Tahoe. We’re excited to see Ben’s results on his 100 mile race at the end of September.

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Aaron L. – (Listen HERE)

Wide receiver blazes his way through the 4th quarter with help from the Hyperbaric Chamber

Aaron plays wide receiver for the Utah Blaze and came to see us after we helped another teammate with a high ankle sprain. We first ran FSM on his turf rash with good results and then had him start using the HBOT chamber. The lack of cramping late in the game came as a total surprise to Aaron and removing the barrier to performance could really make a difference in his professional career. We are thrilled with Aaron’s results and expect to see even more improvement as the season unfolds.

More and more NFL players and sports professionals are finding the benefits of using the therapy on a regular basis to help with their recovery and pre-game preparation.Check out our website on hyperbaric for more info. If you are an endurance athlete and have some “A” races coming up this summer, consider trying this therapy pre and post race to help you get the results you want. (You can do a PubMed search for information from our HBOT page for more published research articles)

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Lena E. (Age 82)

“Thanks so much for what you have done for me.”

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Jim J.

“I very much appreciate your interest and persistence in my health and wellness… and your personality and sincere approach.”