Frequency Specific Microcurrent  Advanced Seminar and Symposium 2019

  1. FSM Advanced Course- review w/ Dr. McMakin
  2. Low Back Hip and Groin pain: Kim Pittis, LCSP, MT
  3. Reprogramming the Brain: Shirley Hartman, MD
  4. Using FSM and Functional medicine for POTS and Autonomic Disorders: Paris Kharbat, DO
  5. Comprehensive Strategies for Mild Cognitive Impairment & post Concussion: David Musnick, MD
  6. Strategies in Complex Chronically ill patients: David Ou, MD
  7. Pain, Autoimmunity, Body Brain Connection: Vagal Nerve Tone: Carolyn McMakin, DC
  8. Case Reports
    1. Resolution for Autoimmune neuropathy: Paris Kharbat, DO
    2. Torticollis case report: Regina Thompson, PT
    3. The Fourth Phase of Water: Gerald Pollack, PhD
    4. Prosthetic joint repair and treatment case report: David Musnick, MD
    5. Resonance Dynamics: Juliana Mortenson, MD, PhD
    6. FSM case reports in Pediatric Rehabilitation: Ben Katholi, MD
    7. FSM & Intra-abdominal Adhesions- surgical research project: Claire Buckley, MD
    8. FSM case report- Healing resistant wound: Marilyn Miller, PT, PhD, GCS
    9. A Case of Left-Sided Weakness: Shirley Hartman, MD
    10. FSM as adjunctive treatment for wounded warriors: Steve Sharp, MD + Mylene Huynh
    11. Measuring the effects of FSM using Biofield Recording & Visualization: Roger Billica, MD
    12. ADD, ADHD Case Series research update: Dave Burke, DO
    13. Updates on treating Vision Problems with FSM: Laurie Chaikin, DO
    14. Managing Spasticity in Children: Keith Filip, PT
    15. The Healing Frequencies of the Law: Jim Turner, JD
    16. Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 is no match for FSM: Kristine Allcroft, PhD
    17. Case reports in dentistry: Mary Ellen Chalmers, DMD, ND
    18. Case report in PT, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Guillaume Sorel, DTP
    19. Success in Scleroderma – collected case report: Carolyn McMakin, DC
    20. If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you, if you are determined you’ll solve them: Diana Cross, MD
    21. Quantum Leap for FSM: Changing the Universe one patient at a time: James Oschman, PhD