IT Band Syndrome Treatment

Exercises and text used with permission from: Injury Free Running; Thomas C. Michaud

Our goal today is to give you the latest scientific evidence in self-treating and preventing injuries. This page will explain the problem and show you multiple things you can do to reduce pain and start to recover. Decide on a specific amount of time for self-treatment. If you don’t get the results you need, we recommend that you choose a health professional who has the same philosophy as you.

IT Band Compression Syndrome


  • The Iliotibial band originates from the gluteus maximus, medius and tensor fascia latae muscles and attaches at two separate points on the knee
    Pain is described as a burning sensation along the outside of the knee.
  • IT pain is caused when opposite hip from the affected side collapses and affected knee rotates significantly inward. This excessive inward twisting of the affected knee puts additional pressure on the IT band, in turn causing pain in that area.
  • Tight hip abductors can also create strain on the IT band.