Dr. Michael Cerami, D.C.

Dr. Michael Cerami, Utah Sports and Wellness

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Cerami has studied with some of the best minds in health and sports medicine, that have helped him develop a unique treatment program designed to gets results quickly. He primarily employs Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) and the Synergy Release System developed by Dr. Michael Hatrak and used clinically on the 2017 Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles and the 2019 Champs, the Kansas City Chiefs.
Dr. Cerami has had the good fortune of taking care of some great individuals; some famous and some just amazing. He was part of the Tour of Utah medical team in 2010, 2011, and 2012 as the solo Chiropractor and continues to work with professional and amateur athletes as well as weekend warriors.
Dr. Cerami actively continues his post-graduate education through regular participation around the country. Personally, he competed as a long-distance triathlete for over 24 years and is currently pursuing his passion of motorcycle riding his adventure bike through the Western United States backcountry.

Dr. Ryan Sessions, D.C.

Dr. Sessions was born and raised in Salt Lake City. His life has always been about service, whether it is through serving a mission voluntarily for his religion in Sydney Australia or teaching Advanced First Aid at the University of Utah. He has a passion for health and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science in 2016 with a goal of working within health care and attending Pharmacy school to be able to help people regain and maintain good health.

After a significant back injury, and several failed attempts at treating his back by other providers, Dr. Sessions was introduced to Chiropractic. This experience changed his course of action and he soon found himself cancelling his PCAT exam and moving his family to Florida to pursue a career in the field of Chiropractic. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in the Spring of 2020 and was awarded the prestigious Clinical excellence award for his dedication to the profession and for his implementation of what he has learned into his treatment of patients.

While at his time at Palmer College, he completed 300+ hours of clinical and functional neurology training. He then spent six months working in the VA system in Tennessee where he strengthened his desire to serve others. He continually studies and learns new techniques on how to help people improve their health.

Dr. Sessions enjoys an active lifestyle, playing basketball and volleyball, as well as archery. He loves to be in the mountains hiking and backpacking.

Andrea Snow, LMT

Andrea has been practicing massage therapy professionally since 1999. She has always given massages, however. Since she was a child, friends and family asked her to relieve foot or neck pain. Three-quarters into her English degree she realized massage therapy was an actual career that she would like to pursue. After graduating from the University of Utah, she began her massage education.

Her philosophy is that our bodies want to feel better, our muscles want to perform in their most healthy, highest performing, way. Sometimes, they just need a little help. She loves giving massages and loves seeing many of her clients evolve from the therapy of pain-relief to an occasional tune-up.

Andrea is a great addition to the other therapies we have here at Utah Sports and Wellness. One of the many advantages of having an onsite massage therapist is, the ability for both the therapist and the doctor to discuss patient’s concerns and work together to provide the best treatment possible.

While she has focused on relieving pain and stress from athletic and other injuries in her career, she also has experience with everything from headache relief to fibromyalgia, from chronic back pain to pregnancy massage.

Massage therapy is an important aspect of our services. Whether you just want to relax and unwind, or massage therapy is part of your recovery, injury prevention, or injury management, massage therapy can help you. Massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being. If you are serious about your performance as an athlete, it is essential to integrate massage therapy into your training program.

Diana Elterman, LMT

Diana has been serving as a catalyst for new levels of awareness, healing and balance since 2005. Her passion for human liberation has carried her through a powerful and humbling journey as both student and teacher in several healing modalities. She is deeply honored to have a home with Utah Sports and Wellness and to be offering some of what she has gathered along her path to the vibrant community here.

You can expect an individualized and integrated approach to each bodywork session. Diana arrives to each appointment with reverence for her practice and clients and a ceaseless curiosity for what is possible in the realm of health and healing. While she enjoys the full range of massage styles, she is known for her mindful approach and intelligent application of neuromuscular therapy and cupping. She comes back to these applications often for the efficiency and long lasting results they provide.

Through her own visceral understanding of the desire to find healing and freedom (in body, mind, etc.), Diana finds great joy in helping to make your own inherent ability to heal and inherent right to freedom more accessible to you.