New Patient Information

What new patients can expect

  1. Our Care is Personalized
    • Recommendations are custom fit for your goals, not ours.
  2. A thorough examination will be performed
    • A full exam includes checking muscles imbalances, Bio-mechanical distortions and movement compensations.
  3. We’ll recommend a few visits to fix inactive muscles and joint misalignments
    • Usually 2-6 visits with an expected 50% improvement outcome.
  4. How long you decide to benefit is up to you
    • You’re always free to use our services as long and often as you decide.
  5. We can’t guarantee results, but after 35 years of practice, we think we can help.
    • Every case is different, but we’ll do our best to help you recover as fast as possible.

Wellness Care 

At USW, we strongly promote regular wellness visits, but we don’t “push” it on our patients. The best thing we can do is show our patients the benefits of regular care or even better have them experience the feeling of wellness.  We are here to help treat injury and pain, but an even better goal would be to prevent it also.  WE have found that when patients schedule a tune-up on a regular basis (~ 4 to 6 weeks), they are less prone to injuries, recover faster and perform better in everyday activities.

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