Photobiomodulation (Cold Laser)

Cold Laser is at the forefront of a healthcare revolution that doesn’t include pharmaceuticals and surgery. Laser Therapy has been used in medicine for almost 50 years. As of this printing, there are 10,000 research articles on the site  on low level laser therapy. It is used successfully in everything from reducing pain after hip surgery to shrinking tumors in dogs.

Different lasers provide different results. More “Powerful” lasers or hot lasers DO NOT provide more results; they work to heat up tissue while Cold Lasers change body chemistry.

We use cold lasers on our patients because they provide a significant change in body chemistry without potential side effects. We use 3 different lasers with wavelengths covering 470nm, 635nm, 640nm, 875nm and 905nm. Pulse frequencies vary from 50HZ to 5000Hz. Wattage varies from .5mW to 25W.

We use the lasers on almost every patient for either pain management or functional improvement which means helping the tissue get back to normal motion. Every laser we use is FDA approved.

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