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Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury in Sweat: A Systematic Review

This week from Dr. Cerami and Utah Sports and Wellness   From: Journal of Environmental and Public Health, October 2011 Quick Summary: Although toxic elements are ever-present in our air, water, food and environment, toxin levels are often overlooked in spite of having consistent signs and symptoms of chronic disease. While every person has some [...]

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Chiropractic for Treatment of Low Back Pain & Use of Prescription Opioids

This week from Dr. Cerami and Utah Sports and Wellness   From: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, February 2018   Quick Summary: Although there is little evidence that opioids improve chronic pain, function or quality of life, more than 650,000 opioid prescriptions are dispensed per day in the United States. Among these US adults, [...]

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Counting MACROS

The three macronutrients (macros) the body uses for energy are: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Knowing the proper ratios of macronutrients for your diet is crucial to a successful healthy meal plan. Here are some ways to keep your macros in check!   Track it Skip the pen and paper route. Download apps on your smartphone [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Eating Out and Snacking

Breanne Nalder Harward, MS, RDN Plan7 Endurance Coaching, Utah Sports and Wellness   Let’s face it, when life gets busy, don’t you think it is just easier to eat out more often? It becomes difficult to plan ahead or pack healthy meals/snacks to prevent a quick stop for fast food when hunger strikes. The bad [...]

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Seminars and Conferences 2019 Frequency Specific Microcurrent  Advanced Seminar and Symposium 2019 FSM Advanced Course- review w/ Dr. McMakin Low Back Hip and Groin pain: Kim Pittis, LCSP, MT Reprogramming the Brain: Shirley Hartman, MD Using FSM and Functional medicine for POTS and Autonomic Disorders: Paris Kharbat, DO Comprehensive Strategies for Mild Cognitive Impairment & post Concussion: David Musnick, [...]

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Long-Term Relief of Tension Headache & Major Depression with Chiropractic

This week from Dr. Cerami and Utah Sports and Wellness From: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 2018   Quick Summary: This is a case report of a woman who experienced long-term relief from tension-type headaches and major depression following chiropractic treatment. Pain was disabling, going across the forehead to her nuchal area and [...]

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