Athlete Care

At Utah Sports and Wellness, we think that taking care of athletes requires a bit of insight into the athletes’ mind and body. We understand that amateur and professional athletes can have scheduling and time demands affecting everything from their training, scholarship and income.   We can work with those limitations.

When to call us:

  • If you’re frustrated with the lack of improvement in treating your sports injury even though you’re doing everything asked of you (and maybe even more),
  • If you’re losing confidence in your current medical provider because they tell you “It’s just going to take time…” over and over again.
  • If you’re post-surgical and there seems to be a significant disconnect between the surgeon and therapist and you’re still hurting week after week.

We can’t guarantee results, but what we can do is perform a functional examination unlike you’ve ever had and, in most cases, find the root of your delayed healing. Dr. Cerami is a retired triathlete that has years of experience working with and solving problems of amateur and professional athletes. Dr. Cerami has developed a system of helping athletes recover and get back in action usually with little or no time off from their sport. At Utah Sports and Wellness, we combine the latest research in functional anatomy with our cutting-edge tools to assess and correct athletic injuries.