Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT)

A big part of our treatment protocol is evaluating and treating muscle dysfunction. The main tool we use to remove muscle problems is called AMIT or Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. Muscle failure is not a lack of strength. It’s a neurological disconnect where the muscle can’t be activated no matter how hard the patient tries. AMIT is an evaluation and treatment modality that finds and corrects muscles that are “de-activated” or not firing correctly.

We discovered years ago that the primary cause of joint and muscle pain is the result of muscles that have been injured in some way. Other muscles must adapt to take over the loss of muscle function. At the unconscious level the body avoids using the injured muscle and our pain goes away. As time passes more and more muscles become injured and inhibited. Eventually the ability to adapt from muscles that do not work efficiently is lost and chronic pain occurs. In our experience, exercises alone will not turn on inhibited muscles.

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