Why We Do What We Do

By Dr. Michael Cerami

Our ideas on how to solve problems begin at a young age. We may watch how a parent fixes a broken door, repairs the furnace or treats your younger brother’s scraped knee. All these things go into our “database” of memories. As we get older we learn more things from our friends, teachers and experiences. Slowly, slowly we start to create our own paradigm or “belief” system on all kinds of topics from finances to child care and spirituality to health care. These choices start to mold us and are either validated from additional experiences or challenged and then removed if the new experience provides a better outcome than the approach you have been taking. For example; I grew up as a “motor-head’. Meaning I loved things that went fast and had at least two wheels. I raced and repaired my own motorcycles and spent many years rebuilding and replacing engines with faster engines in many, many cars I owned. Eventually though I realized that, as cars were becoming more complex and my time more limited, I couldn’t repair problems like I used to. So I changed my approach to have a mechanic do my repairs so I could spend my time running my business. I do what I do best and the mechanic does what he does best.

The approach we take at the office is an extension of what I’ve learned over the years but more importantly, what I believe about health and the human body. Our goal is to support and take care of clients that “believe what we believe”.

Some of our founding principles regarding treatment:
• We recognize and honor that the body is a self-healing, self-repairing organism.
• We start with simple solutions and work our way to complex solutions
• We set time goals on treatment plans
• We encourage our patients to be active participants in their healing process
• We try and educate every patient on what is happening so they can make better choices about their body
• We understand medications and stronger interventions may be necessary to solve problems but choose the least invasive approach to solving problems first.
• We understand we cannot help every patient

We recognize there are many treatment approaches available to patients today. We can’t do everything so instead we focus on helping the patients that are in our tribe so to speak. The patient that believes the body has tremendous capacity to heal and that a medication is not always the answer and is looking for alternatives to the traditional approach. The patient that has been told, “You shouldn’t really be running anyway, it’s not good for you.” Or “You are getting older…” and “Surgery or learning to live with it are really your only options at this point.” On the other hand if you are looking for a quick fix, a cortisone shot or something that interferes with the body’s ability to heal, quite honestly we’re probably not the office for you.

We provide options for care that are straightforward and have developed very good treatment outcomes by focusing on 3 major areas:

• Bio-mechanical Correction
• Soft tissue treatment
• Non-Invasive Pain Treatment

I’ll jump into the specifics of these treatments on my next post. Thanks for reading.

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