“What’s causing this problem and why should I choose you to fix it?”

By Dr. Michael Cerami, D.C.

Another important question in the search for medical answers is that the patient wants to understand their problem. Every physician knows that one of our primary jobs is to help explain what is causing the patients symptoms and what our unique solution would be. Only then can the patient decide if they want the treatment by internally asking themselves; “Does this make sense?” If the doctor speaks over the patient’s head, talks down to the patient, acts superior or impatient, there’s a good chance the client will seek medical care elsewhere.

Our first visit examination seeks to determine the cause of the problem by doing a variety of tests and measurements. This analysis provides information on 3 chief components that, in my experience, cause 95% of neuro-muscular skeletal problems.

  1. Bio-mechanical misalignments of the spine as well as any joint structure in the body
  2. Muscle activation and imbalance
  3. Soft-tissue trauma and inflammation with or without associated pain

The examination tells me which of these pieces is not functioning properly; it could be 1, 2 or all 3 parts. We can then explain the details to the patients about what’s wrong and how we can correct each piece of the equation using the variety of techniques and tools we have available.

X-rays: Normally they are not required; however, if we feel your case needs additional imaging, we’ll refer you out to our medical provider. We use a free-standing MRI, X-Ray clinic so we get an independent assessment as well as a radiology report. You can keep the images and report for your records as they are provided on a disc. The X-Ray costs is normally $50-$80.

We feel strongly that our job as medical providers is to find the source of the problem, tell the patient what they need and then most importantly, give the patient what they want.

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