Wellness Care

Why Wellness Care?

It’s amazing what chiropractic care can do for the body.  At USW, we strongly promote regular wellness visits but we don’t “push” it on our patients. The best thing we can do is show our patients the benefits of regular care or even better have them experience the feeling of wellness.  We are here to help treat injury and pain but an even better goal would be to prevent it also.  Dr. Cerami has found that when patients schedule a tune-up on a regular basis (~ 4 to 6 weeks), they are less prone to injuries, recover faster and perform better in everyday activities.

Maintaining wellness can improve: health, quality of sleep, mental focus, lifestyle, stress, happiness, well-being, immune system, circulatory system, healthy digestion, strength, mobility, and way of life.

Wellness care can also decrease: pain, stress, illness, aches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, prescription drug use, fatigue, OTC remedies, injuries, and bad posture. Dr. Cerami has been getting adjusted for over 45 years and feels chiropractic has had a profound impact on his physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Be Proactive!

  • Periodic checkups can help catch new problems early.
  • Regular chiropractic care can help maintain progress and avoid a relapse.
  • Continuing care helps stabilize and strengthen the spine.
  • Rehabilitative care builds on the investment used to get relief and helps make changes that are more lasting.

Decide if a Wellness Approach to Health is something you want for you and your family. If so, make a regular appointment to keep everything working at its maximum. 

Rehab & Exercise Options to Support your Personal Efforts:

Participating in regular physical activities is a must for all individuals, of all ages.  Many studies have shown exercise can significantly increase energy levels.  Ironically, the number one excuse for not exercising is a lack of energy or the person being too tired.

The natural stimulus for the healing process is active exercise.  Active exercise means we use our nervous system to tell the muscles what to do, and it requires dedication to an appropriate, comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation program.

Dr. Cerami usually recommends a few rehab/exercise visits after your pain and symptoms are treated to help you stay pain free and limit the amount of times you’ll need to come for office visits. We have a dedicated REHAB room designed to show you how you to use simple, affordable tools (balls, bands, rollers, etc.) to keep your body flexible and strong without having to visit the gym.  Once you get the basics down we ask you to do some homework and then schedule a second REHAB so we can fine-tune your exercises to maintain your treatment results.

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