Tom W.

Real Estate Agent avoids surgery with 15 visits

Tom visited the office with excruciating lower back pain 3 months ago looking for relief. I had seen him 10 years prior and he remembered the good results he achieved. He was also my real estate agent on the first house I bought in Utah in 1995 and represented my mother-in law on a recent purchase. Tom is 57 years old and an active mountain biker and loves activities that keep him moving so this was quite a shock to his lifestyle. Tom was adamant about doing whatever he could to avoid surgery.

Initial exam findings indicated disc problems in Tom’s lower back. He had pain running down to his toes and pain was exacerbated with sneezing and coughing. His x-rays showed severe disc degeneration at L4-5 and L5-S1 with left scoliotic curve, 9mm degenerative anterolisthesis and severe facet joint arthrosis. Also present was severe left hip joint space narrowing. What this means in plain terms is that Tom has years of spinal decay occurring in his lower back without many real symptoms. The degeneration process can advance silently for decades without indications of problems.

The first visit we used the Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument to carefully bring his hips in proper alignment. We checked his pronation and prescribed a set of inserts and well as did some therapeutic taping to provide muscle support.

Treatment protocol was 2 visits per week for 5 weeks comprised of chiropractic adjustments (using the impulse device), soft tissue work and Frequency Specific Microcurrent to polarize the Sciatic nerve and reduce pain. Tom was diligent about taking the fish oil and magnesium when we showed him the research on how they can help reduce inflammation.

His pain dropped almost immediately after his first FSM session but we couldn’t get it to stay down for more than a few days until Tom changed cars with his wife. I believe the vehicle change was crucial to allowing the disc to heal properly without the added inflammation from being seated with the knees above the hips as his car was geared more to taking clients to see homes and his wife’s vehicle was an SUV.

After the 4th week Tom started some light stretching and exercises. We reduced his schedule to every 2 weeks and as long as he keeps doing his morning exercises and doesn’t overdo his activities he’s feeling well. We still have a few months of care to complete but considering the severity of his problem, and the possible options, Tom is very happy to be almost back to full activities and even more thrilled to have avoided surgery.

Dr. Michael Cerami

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