Imagine my surprise when I told the chiropractor it had probably been 2 months since I had been in and he looked at my information and said, no, it has been 3 months! Yikes! No wonder my colon is acting up. I tried to go without visits and was doing yoga, meditation, and other things, hoping that would suffice. Well, the yoga practice dropped off, and two days ago, I noticed bleeding in a bowel movement, so then I knew I had to go in. I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the past, but I have found that as long as I go regularly to see Dr. Cerami (about once a month to no more than six weeks between visits), then I am symptom free, healthy and require no meds! Of course, I need to watch diet and exercise as well. I told Dr. Cerami my colon let me know I was overdue for a “tune-up”.

Such a relief I felt yesterday as I lay face down on the table. I felt the energy (kundalini?) move up my spine as Dr. Cerami worked. It was amazing how blocks were broken up so the nervous system could function well again and send messages to the brain. I felt a release in the upper spine and then my body spoke to me. It said, “You do not need to look at the grass on the other side of the fence. That just creates conflict and makes you live a lie!” My body taught me in one brief second about the importance of integrity! It was weird, but it was one of those AH-HA moments I believe I shall treasure and always remember.

There are many ways to be influenced for good and one of those is to listen to our bodies. Sometimes one who is trained in the mechanics of healing processes can help us better than we can help ourselves. I love Network Spinal Analysis, because it allows my body to heal naturally, non-invasively, and without drugs! I also experience a connectedness to my body and a feeling of wholeness. I scheduled my next two monthly appointments and got “back on the wagon” to health by committing to come once a month to see Dr. Cerami!

“Dr. Cerami takes a few minutes below to expand on Susan’s story with his personal experience of Network Spinal Analysis.”

Network Spinal Analysis

This month’s case reflects another aspect of the work we do for patients. Over the years we have been referred many patients because of the techniques I have learned and developed in my 25 years of practice. One technique I have been using since 1992 is called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). It uses a very light contact (about the pressure it takes to dent a marshmallow) with my hand/fingers on certain areas of the spine we call “Spinal Gateways”. This light “entrainment” is designed to release stored tension in the spine and surrounding muscles to help the body unwind and allow energy to flow unabated. NSA is one of several “tonal” techniques that have been developed in our profession. It works wonderfully on almost everyone and I am proud to be a certified Level 2 NSA doctor. I use the technique on many patients and exclusively on others. It has been a real godsend for me personally and many patients that don’t want or need to have any structural work done on them. (I will put a video up on the site this month showing exactly what an NSA Entrainment looks like).

My personal story about NSA came in about 1992 when I was living back East and seeing a fellow friend (Dr. Charlie) who suggested I get entrained and see what I felt. Well, I was very skeptical as I just couldn’t see how such a light force (remember the marshmallow analogy) could do anything. If I didn’t really trust Charlie I would have never checked it out and it would have been my loss. Well, to make a long story short, on my 3rd visit while I was lying on the table, I started to feel my spine wanting to wiggle or something. It was totally weird! And I didn’t want it to happen so I said “You need to quiet down, I’m in charge here and there’ll be no wiggling”. After all, what if someone in the group room recognized me; no way I said. On the very next visit it happened again and my brain surrendered and said “Hey, this might be ok, let’s check it out , it feels more like a good stretch”. That did it. I started moving on the table and unwinding tension in my spine like crazy. Later that night I couldn’t believe how good I felt. As a side note, I had been receiving regular adjustments since I was 15 years old and I had never felt anything like this. Subsequent visits just kept releasing tension. I liked it J.

After a few months I figured I should learn how to do this Network stuff so I drove to Syracuse New York for a seminar and was blown away with the information and couldn’t wait to back to the office on Monday and try a few things out. As the Universe would have it, on Wednesday a new patient was referred in that had crazy bad problems. Tom had been to 8 doctors and gotten no help. He was working as a mechanic for another patient that sent him in and was having a hard time working because the muscles in his back would seize up constantly. I figured this would be a good guy to try NSA out on right? After the exam, I put him on the table and help 2 contacts. Within 30 seconds he started to move; not wiggle, move! It was like a I took a fish out of water and put it on a hot rock. Tom moved so much he almost fell off of the table. It was crazy! It went on for 5 minutes. When I got him up we both looked at each other not knowing what to say; we were speechless. I went and scheduled him for a few appointments and after he left my head was spinning and thinking “What the *#!* was that?

Tom came in for about 8 visits with a similar pattern each time. On his 9th visit he got up off the table and said “Doc, I gotta tell you something…” I listened. “Doc, I got my hearing back in my right ear.” “What?” I said as now I was having difficulty hearing. “You never told me you had a problem with your hearing.” Tom said, “Yeah I know, didn’t think it was important. But I should have told you that I’ve been deaf in that ear for 20 years since I was in a comma for a brief period of time when I was in the Army.” My jaw must have dropped to the floor. I couldn’t believe it. The emotions hit me like a train and I fell back against the wall and started to cry. I was so overwhelmed and fortunate to help this man. The power of the body back on the job with a few marshmallow touches; holy crap.

The next thought in my mind was, and I remember it clearly; “I will NEVER underestimate the power and healing capacity of anyone’s body, EVER!”

So that’s my first NSA story and I have been practicing NSA for almost 20 years now and have seen stuff that like Tom’s story that would make your head spin. We have many methods to help you get back to better health so just ask us which one might be best for you. And please don’t be as stubborn as I was; let you spine wiggle whenever you want J

Dr. Michael Cerami

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