Stacy is one of our Park City patients; she’s also a mom and a sports enthusiast. She completed 2 triathlons this summer and enjoys many sports. Stacey is a busy woman; wife, mom, and sales rep for a number of sports products. She visits us every month or 2 for maintenance tune up.

During her last visit in September, she informed me her #5 toe was hurting quite a bit since she jammed it against a dresser moving around the house while she was barefoot. She had taped it to the 4th toe and reported it hadn’t gotten much better since the injury.

I examined her foot and suspected she may have broken her toe. I checked the alignment of the ankle, foot and other bones and lightly adjusted suspect toe as it felt dislocated. We also taped it and her Achilles to take pressure off the foot. I told her to give a call back and tell us how her progress was going sometime in the next week or so.

As life so often dictates things, I didn’t see Stacey again until 5 weeks later and when I examined her, she reported that her foot/toe was still quite painful. I asked why she hadn’t been back in and Stacey, being very honest, said it was difficult to get in with her schedule (I can totally understand) AND that if her toe was broken, there was probably nothing that can be done to help it. I had a few ideas on how to help but first we sent her out to Salt Lake MRI for some films and sure enough, she had a broken toe.

Within 2 days we coordinated Stacey’s next appointment so that she could stop in before heading to the airport for work travel. I wrote up a protocol for our Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) machine that I’ve seen help in these situations with the hope of helping Stacey get some pain relief and speed up her fracture healing.

Below is her response to the treatment, sent to us via email:

  1. I felt an immediate improvement on both my pain level and pain type. My pain went from a sharp constant pain to a dull pain with moments of little to no pain. This is the first relief I’ve had in almost 2 months.
  2. I also had a 50%-60% improvement in my achilles tendon, on that same foot. I have a much larger range of motion and much less pain when trying to ‘stretch it out’ in down dog, for example. This is a double bonus because I know we were more focused on the toe but this tendon also found much relief from the treatment.
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