Soft Tissue Treatment: The Perfect Pair

We have written several blogs about FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent).  It is an amazing technique alone.  We have seen the microcurrent alleviate DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in 38 minutes, not to return.  It has the effect of decreasing healing time from an injury by 60% because of its action on ATP.  Supplements can be taken in conjunction with the treatment to have the availability of essential vitamins, minerals and other necessary things the body needs to recover.  Increase in hydration is always important whether you use FMS or not, more so with FSM because you are using electric current to make changes in cellular metabolism and the repair process.

Remember, many of the injuries we work on in the office have been plaguing an individual for many years in some instances.  It is folly to believe that any technique, pill or potion can magically make changes, BUT, FSM can assist the body in recognizing the injury and healing through proper application of the frequencies after identifying the tissue of the body that is really the injured area.

Now add Graston Technique to the mix and you can help with more superficial tissues that will quickly respond by removing restrictions in fascia, muscle, tendons and ligaments.   I have personally heard about pain associated with Graston treatment from clients that have had the technique done elsewhere.  If the practitioner is hurting you, they are not doing the technique correctly!  It is like anything else in the health care industry, if one person can’t help you try another.  It is not the technique, it is the incorrect application of the technique.    I personally am going on 7 years with this technique using it virtually on every client 5 days a week.

Recently we had a patient in the office with severe restriction in the cervical region to the point that he had zero extension, about 25° on rotation bilaterally if he pushed it.  After only about 6 total treatments in the office some adjusting, some FSM & Graston, he now has about the normal 90° rotation and 40° in extension.  This translates into actually being able to see to your left or right in traffic for one thing and many others you can probably think of for yourself.

Some of the things that can be helped through the application of FSM and Graston together are: PF (Plantar Fasciitis), Medial Epicondylitis, Lateral Epicondylitis, and trigger finger to name a few.  Basically anywhere you have ligaments, tendons, fascia, or joints, this technique can help.  SO! What are you waiting for?  Do you like that nagging mental and physical sensation when you want to do some recreational sport but can’t because of one bodily complaint or another? Take a look at our google reviews.  See what our patients have to say.  Check out our Facebook page! We are here to help in a professional, clear and concise manner.  Together Dr. Cerami and Dr. Guiglotto have 47 years of experience with REAL sports injuries, since, now in our 50’s we have had most of them.  We are here to answer your questions to see if what we do is right for you.

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