The Down-Side to a Long Commute

By Brianna Corona

Since I started working at Utah Sports and Wellness I have learned so many new things. One of these new things is how driving can really take a toll on your back if you don’t take the time to ensure you have the proper support. I commute 45 or more minutes to work most days and spend a large portion of my day sitting in a desk chair. I started to have very uncomfortable sciatica pain but couldn’t figure out why. I thought it would just go away on its own but that was not the case.

A few weeks ago Dr. Guiglotto noticed I was walking differently and brought me in for an adjustment. After a couple of minutes, I was pain free and walking normally again. Unfortunately, that only lasted until the next day, after I had driven back into the office I was in pain again. After my second adjustment, Dr. Guiglotto asked if I had ever driven this far for work before and I told him I hadn’t. He immediately suggested that the reason for this pain was due to lack of lumbar support while driving and while sitting in my desk chair. Dr. Guiglotto made me a makeshift lumbar support pillow by rolling up some hand towels and I placed it behind my lower back and couldn’t believe that I could immediately feel a difference.

I will admit that I did laugh at the idea of needing a lumbar support pillow at 24 years old, because this is something I considered only the elderly to use.  But, I can now say after two adjustments and use of a lumbar support while driving and sitting, I no longer have sciatica pain and will proudly use my lumbar support until I am old and gray.

The doctors in this clinic pride themselves on getting noticeable results in as few treatments as possible.  I appreciate this now especially because living with that kind of pain was miserable and hindered my ability to do my normal the physical activities!


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