Save Money by being Healthy

Last week I read you the riot act on how health care costs are killing us (oh the irony!). Today I’ll give you some action steps to help avoid getting sick.

#1 Tip: Supplementation and Vitamins

Yes you need them. There is so much good published research coming out about food quality. It’s important to make the right food choices and to add to those choices with supplementation. Remember it’s supplementing your diet, not allowing you to eat junk and try and fix it with vitamins!

I can’t count how many seminars and conferences I’ve been to that show how the benefits of things like fish oil, Vitamin D, Magnesium, a greens supplement and more. I know it can be a little overwhelming so try and start with a few basic principles:

Supplementation: 5 keys to make it work

· It has to be affordable
· It has to be convenient
· There has to be a reason to take it
· Build slowly
· Create a system to that helps you remember to be consistent

Don’t go crazy to start with. Not many people have the discipline or money to take 22 pills per day and/or spend $250.00 per month on them. Start with the basics: A triglyceride based fish oil, Angstrom Magnesium, Vitamin D. After a few months of being regular, add a few more products.

Remember the reason you are “supplementing” your diet: you are designing your future by getting healthier today. It’s like a forced savings plan.

Take your vitamins in the morning or at lunch. Put them where you can see them to remind you. I put everything in a weekly container on Sunday and then each morning transfer the daily pills to my smaller bottle and put it in with my lunch so I see it when I get my lunch ready. Easy breezy.

#2 Tip: Lab Work

You can save big bucks by ordering your own lab work. Go here: and review the testing available. Plug in your info and then get your blood drawn down across from St. Marks at their local lab facility. You will get your results back in less than 2 days usually. You may need your physician or health care provider to review your personal needs and testing results, but it should be a lot cheaper than going through normal channels. They also run a special every month.

Dr. Michael Cerami is a local Utah sports chiropractor and triathlete who has been treating patients for over 25 years. He writes a weekly patient blog and monthly athlete article for community education on a wide variety of topics including treating sports injuries, nutrition, exercise, motivation and wellness.

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