Sasha (FSM)

Sasha works as an Ultrasound tech at Primary Children’s Hospital. She is one of our clients that had a crazy accident 2 weeks ago while she was shopping in a big box store. She was with her son Jonathan, walking down the aisle and turned to look at a desk on display. When she turned back to continue walking she didn’t realize there was a solid large post in the middle of the aisle. As she turned she smashed her head directly into the post with enough force to bring her to her knees. The whiplash injury was so severe she couldn’t leave the store because she was in so much pain in her neck she couldn’t drive. She stayed at the store and iced her neck and head for over an hour before she could drive home.

Dr. Cerami saw her that evening and adjusted her and worked to release some soft tissue tension. He sent her home with our portable Frequency Specific Microcurrent unit (FSM).

Please listen to what Sasha had to say when she returned in two days for her follow up visit:

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