Ruth H.

4 hours and 252 miles later…

Ruth case is a little unique. She was referred from her daughter who receives Network Spinal Analysis Care (light contacts to the neuro spinal system- Dr. Cerami is a certified level 2 practitioner) in Chicago. Ruth called and had many questions and was honestly very skeptical on whether we could help her. This was quite understandable because she lived in Cedar City, Utah and was going to travel to see us a minimum of 2 times per week.

Ruth presented with a variety of symptoms; stabbing low back pain, aching right shoulder, migraine pain that would wake her up at night from a sound sleep. Perhaps most interesting was that she reported that her right eye cries (sheds tears) and her right nostril would run excessively for apparently no reason. Her goals were to be pain free as soon as possible and be able to garden again.

Her history revealed a severe auto accident in 1979 which caused significant impact to her neck and head. X-rays taken 2 years prior showed degenerative facet disease of the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine.

Initial exam findings showed a very tight lumbar region, pronated feet and subluxated cervical vertebra. We discussed some options to get results with her travel and the need for visits spaced frequent enough to create momentum for correction of the primary problem areas. We agreed to try 2 visits and see what results could be obtained. As mentioned earlier, Ruth was a bit hesitant. She looked me in the eye as to say “Are you sure about this?” to which I replied “When you start to feel better, I don’t think you’ll have any problem getting here, trust me”. We both laughed and I knew we were on the right path.

There was significant change on her second visit the day her initial exam. She reported the pain was down and she was feeling better and happy. Her third visit was a week later and Ruth said she felt good up until she started doing some gardening and the pain came back. Her next visit was unremarkable; not much change. However on further testing, I found weak muscles in her upper arm that we up regulated with the cold laser. I learned this technique from Dr. Jeff Spencer (Lance Armstrong chiropractor for the Tour de France). By lasering certain identified weak or imbalanced muscles, we can effectively “reboot” the nervous system. I finished my visit feeling that we found the cause of her problem and the visit next week was going to be significant.

Ruth came in the following week all smiles and almost pain free. No neck pain or headaches since her prior visit, even with gardening. All of her symptoms were almost completely gone. We did 2 more visits and made her a set of custom orthotics to stabilize her lower back and am seeing in about a month unless she has a problem. Ruth made me laugh when she said ” I had no pain after working in the yard all day Friday and Saturday last week. That’s when you get in the car and drive 4 hours for your appointment!” Thank you Ruth for your commitment.

This case shows me that the answer is not always obvious but if I keep looking and run the protocols I know, we can usually find the problem. The rest of the story is more clear: if the patient and I can agree to work together and build the trust and commitment necessary for healing we can almost always get results.

Dr. Cerami

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