Rick S.

Teacher more comfortable on his feet

Rick has been a patient for a few years and recently mentioned he was having some numbness, swelling and pain in his left foot. I suggested he make a separate appointment for us to examine the feet and find the source of the problem.

When I examined Rick, I found the classic sign of Morton’s Neuroma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morton’s_neuroma) which can be very painful. I explained to Rick that we can do a few adjustments to the foot as well as cold laser the area and tape the arch of the foot. This treatment approach repositions the bones of the foot and, in my experience, takes the load of the boney distortion which causes the nerve to swell. This is a completely painless and quick procedure.

A one week follow up with Rick showed dramatic improvement. He reported the swelling almost gone and the pain has dropped dramatically. I suggested some inserts for his motorcycle riding boots, adjusted him again and expect the pain to continue to decrease.

Take home: The office has continued to grow in the treatment of lower extremity problems which include the foot, ankle and knee. We’ve had very good success with a variety of complaints and can usually help patients quickly. So just because we do chiropractic work, don’t limit your expectations of us to treating only spinal problems.

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