Race Report 2014

We’ve been very busy at the office with the AMIT work as well as new employees and procedures. The “problem” when this occurs is that we don’t have enough time to update our website and other tools we use to talk to everyone.

Sorry for the delay. A new web redo is coming as well as more blog posts from me.


My season began in March with the Moab ½ Marathon. It’s a very beautiful race course along the river. For years the race was hard to get into but recently, sign ups haven’t been a problem. It’s also a good race to start your season with and get a little warm weather tease as well as a break from winter in Salt Lake.

I planned on an easy and consistent pace for the race. Everything went very well as I started in the low 8min/mile pace and my time crept up a bit as I hit the midpoint at about 6 -8 miles. The other factor at that distance was a pretty severe head wind coming up the canyon which slowed everybody down. Once I hit the 9 mile mark I started to cruise a bit and picked up a tail wind and ran a negative split the second part of the race. Final time was 1:49:02 (Averages: 8:14, 145bpm, and a 90 run cadence). All in all this was a perfect race for me; not too slow and not too fast.

Salt Lake City ½ Marathon:

I was looking forward to this event because they changed the course route but mainly because I had such a horrible race in 2013. Last year it rained like cats and dogs the ENTIRE race and I didn’t follow my fueling plan and I suffered big time.

This year, the weather was awesome and I started the race with my buddy and triathlon training partner Mike. We are in the same age group and have very similar abilities in the swim, bike and run. To be fair, he was coming off an injury so it wasn’t going to be a fair fight. I didn’t really have a goal for this race other than to run it strong and see what would happen. I felt great the entire run and again steady. I finished with a 1:46:27 which made me very happy. (Averages: 8:01 pace, HR 147, run cadence 90). Mike also finished well and was very pleased his recovery and rehab was working.

Next time:

  • St. George 70.3 Ironman
  • Boulder 70.3 ironman
  • Echo Triathlon
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