Race Report 2014 Continued – Three Races, One Big Problem Solved

St George 70.3 Ironman

Anyone that has done this race knows it is TOUGH. Because the race is early and within easy driving distance of Salt Lake City, we had a number of our clients participate as well. I absolutely love the venue and T2/finish area. There’s plenty of grass to hang out on and it’s well shaded which is a huge bonus. The finish area is also located near a number of hotel and motels making transportation super easy.

My training partner, Mike and I headed down on Thursday and got set up early. Everything pre-race went super smooth; we hung out got a bite to eat, ran into Sabastien Kielne (a treat!) and then just chilled at the hotel with 3 other local triathletes.

IronmanRace day was about perfect weather wise. I planned on saving some effort on the swim and the bike so I could get through the run a bit better. Part1 and 2 worked out well… part 3, the run, not so much. The first 5 miles on the run went according to plan but then I started to die off a bit. Then it got worse. Then I walked a bit. In reviewing with my coach, I think I was a little under fed and went out just a little too hard. Nutrition in these events can be such a sharp edge. The combination of not eating EXACTLY what I had planned came back to haunt me and my run was about 20 minutes slower than I wanted. I was determined to fix this for the next race and went home with a plan for a complete nutrition review.

RESULTS:  Swim: 35:00, Bike 3:10:00 Run 2:23:00


Boulder 70.3 Ironman

Boulder reservoirThis is a fun race. The Swim is beautiful, the Bike is fast and the Run is fairly flat. I reviewed my nutrition plan and completely overhauled it. I changed the brands of bars I was going to use so I would get more protein and a better taste. I had a stern talk with myself about absolutely following the specifics of fueling. No more ½ eaten bars or unfinished bottles. My plan was to excise the run demon by starting the run a little slower and staying at a consistent pace with NO walking.

Boulder IronmanIt worked! I had no drop in energy and finished the race strong and more importantly, ready to carry this new program forward. Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to adjust things if you’re not getting the results you expect. For over a year, I thought my nutrition was just fine. To fix the run problem, I needed to review everything and sure enough I found a weakness that was my Achilles heel.

RESULTS:  Swim: 35:38 – Bike: 2:48:30 – Run: 2:12:24


Echo Olympic Distance Triathlon

I decided to do this race on a whim. I hadn’t raced short distance in a few years and thought it would be fun. I also raced without ANY data. No watch, bike computer or heart rate monitor. I just wanted to have fun. And I did! Besides my goggles leaking about 4 times, I had a blast. I raced completely on feel and things went great. I felt totally free and wasn’t tied to my expectations or anything. I didn’t know how I did until I finished. I HIGHLY recommend this approach to break things up if your training is starting to feel like a second job. Have any of you felt this way or what have you tried to mix things up a bit? Please let us know!

RESULTS: Swim: 29:44 – Bike: 1:06:42 – Run: 52:43

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