Please Pardon Our Dust

“Have patience, my friend, have patience:

For Rome wasn’t built in a day!

You wear yourself out for nothing

In many and many a way!

Why are you nervous and fretty

When things do not move along fast;

Why let yourself get excited

Over things that will soon be past?”

-Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, “Patience” (1940s)

Dr. Cerami and his staff want to thank you for your patience during our remodeling process.  We expect the process to take 3 months and know you will appreciate the changes!  Here is a rundown of what we have completed so far.  As you may have noticed, the bathrooms have a new look to them.  We have added a new TV behind the front desk to further help inform our patients and update them with the on goings of the office.  We are almost done with the Rehab/HBOT Room.  We plan on hiring a new massage therapist and have a new eye-catching street sign in the works to be placed on 3300 S.  Thanks for your tolerance as we expand and grow our business.

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