Patch or Fix?

It’s not an easy decision. Repairing broken (or injured) things requires knowledge, understanding and foresight. Patching things up is sometimes ok, but it does have consequences. Let me share a few things in my world and see if they ring true for you.

I’ve been in my office for over 12 years and as it normally happens things start to break down from wear and tear. Sometimes they are simple things (sprinkler valves, computers, etc) sometimes they are complicated things (hot water heater, the building roof, the parking lot). This year the complicated and expensive things came in waves. After assessing the “Big Picture” it became clear that all 3 items would need to be replaced not just patched up. It was interesting to me that the contractors each showed me options from Patch to Fix.

  • I could patch the roof for far less than replacing it, but within a year or two at the outside and I would still need to replace the whole thing eventually because it had 20 years of wear and tear.
  • The parking lot was cracking and deteriorating from below and putting new asphalt on top would look good for 2-3 years and then that too would begin to crack, absorb water and break apart. The only real solution was to dig it up and FIX it from underneathPatch the Roof
  • The hot water heater was acting sporadic; sometimes ok sometimes not. It was old and I wasn’t going to get another year out of it

In all 3 of these examples, I chose to FIX the problem even though it was costly for 2 reasons.

  1. My life is far too busy to deal with the drama of having to re-visit these problems in a few years.
  2. I plan on being here for many years to come- so it’s an investment in my future.

When working with new patients, I also provide the patch or fix choices. My job has always been to tell the patient what they NEED, but give them what they WANT. When making choices about your health and body consider the options and think long term. I hope you can work up to the idea that taking care of your health is an investment that will pay dividends.

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