Nicky is a 32 year old Mom and fitness instructor whose first visit with us was on February 9th 2011. She was referred by a friend who is also in the fitness business. Nicky had been struggling with right shoulder pain since October 2008 from an injury and was getting increased pain while teaching her classes. In her quest for recovery, Nicky tried numerous doctors and therapists, has had 2 cortisone shots, x-rays and an MRI and was told she should start looking for surgical options because nothing else had worked.

I recommended 2 biomechanical visits to correct muscle imbalances, neuro integrity and spinal alignment. These visits improved range of motion and whole body movement and set the stage for soft tissue work with Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  We scheduled 2 initial FSM visits to determine which frequencies would be most effective and Nicky felt change almost immediately. After her 4th FSM treatment she reported a 60% overall improvement and she was 100% pain free with increased movement after her 5th session on February 28th, 2011. I gave her some rehabilitation exercises to do at home and scheduled her for a follow up visit in a month.

Nicky is very happy with her results and wants to sincerely thank the person that referred her.  Please remember to tell others we may be able to help where other methods have failed.

Note: Dr. Cerami will be posting ~ 30 case reports from around the world on how FSM was involved in helping people with all kinds of serious conditions. Look under the “Energy Medicine Tools” section on our home page for this exciting information coming soon.

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