New Patient Information

  1. Our Care is different from Medical Care
    • Our office takes a “hands-on” approach to your health. We don’t use invasive therapies or medications to achieve results.
  2. Stress can overload your body and mind
    • In our experience, most health problems and injuries occur from stress overloading the body in a physical, chemical or emotional pattern
  3. A thorough examination will be performed
    • A full exam includes a Bio-mechanical, muscles evaluation and soft tissue assessment
  4. We’ll explain everything we find
    • This will tell you why there’s a problem
  5. We’ll recommend a series of visits; never more than 6 at a time
    • Usually 2 times per week for 1-3 weeks
  6. Each visit will build on the prior visit
    • Our goal is to get a 40-60% improvement with 3 weeks
  7. Healing any tissue is a process that takes time
    • Our goal is recovery, not just covering up your symptoms
  8. Each patient controls the speed of their recovery
    • Please do the homework we’ve provided
  9. There are 4 ways you can use our office
    1. Come in just long enough to achieve the relief you want
    2. Come in long enough to get your body stabilized to prevent future injuries
    3. Complete our recommendations and call back when you have another problem
    4. Complete our recommendations and come in for a monthly prevention and wellness
  10. How long you decide to benefit is up to you
    • Our job is to provide the best treatment we can find and your job is to determine how much of it you want
  11. We can’t guarantee results, but we can guarantee we’ll do our best to help you in as few visits as possible
    • We usually have an 80% plus positive results in less than 6 visits.
  1. Chiropractic
    • Light force adjustments that are only the pressure to dent a marshmallow
    • Instrument assisted adjustments that use a computer activated device
    • Traditional structural adjustments
  2. FSM: Microcurrent proven to reduce pain
    • You can find a detailed interview and a printed description here.
  3. AMIT: Muscle Activation
    • Muscle problems are the underlying problem in many injuries. We have a technique to fix these problems quickly without weeks or months of rehab.
  4. Laser
    • We have 2 different lasers to help solve your problems. We expect laser care to be a primary component in healing in the next 20 years, with technology and research growing rapidly in alternative treatment modalities.
  5. HBOT
    • We have 2 Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers to facilitate getting more oxygen into your body. We’ve seen miracles with this therapy. Research here.
  6. Massage
    • Sports specific or general massage, our therapist can do it all!
Click here to see our interactive treatment progress guide. It explains the whole process of how we work with you to treat your injury, from intake to recovery.
  • Appointments vary from 10 to 60 minutes
    • The 10-minute visit includes adjustment and laser or soft tissue work
    • The 20-minute visit is a comprehensive visit usually early in care
    • The 60-minute visit is an extended treatment visit for HBOT
  • In our experience EVERY appointment involves problem solving. We do not just “rack and crack” your spine the same way on each visit.
  • Whether it’s a sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis, concussion or somethings unknown, we encourage you schedule and examination with us as see what we can offer. We’re drugless, painless and have created treatment protocols that can rapidly speed up the healing of tissues without invasive procedures.
  • Patients constantly rotate through the office depending on their needs. We’re always ready to help a past patient get the help they need, without reprimanding them about “what they should have been doing to stay well. If it’s been less than 3 years, we can “re-activate” your file with a brief examination. If more than 3 years, the law requires we get a complete new patient examination.
  • We pride ourselves on providing financial certainty for our patients. We will review and explain all fees before your visits begin. We promise we will do our best to help you with any time or financial restrictions you may have.
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