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A Quick Turn Around and Asking Questions – (Listen here)

There are a lot of concerns patients have when seeking a new physician. The most basic one in my profession is the assumption that “He will keep you coming back over and over again and it will take forever to get better…” Let me address that if I may.

First off, no two professionals are exactly alike; not attorneys, not teachers and not chiropractors. Please don’t throw us all in together. Yes, there are some docs in my line of work that ask to see you for many months. Their clinical protocol is different than mine as are their treatments and goals. There are also some chiropractors that will do a few quick “cracks” and send you on your way. Not the best approach in my opinion, but some patients like that. Our practice is focused on sports injuries and we have developed a great sequence for reducing pain and fixing the problem usually in less than 30 days. If you do better than we expected, there’s no need to keep you coming in over and over again. We’ll adjust your schedule of care based on your symptomatic and functional improvement.

For example, I had 3 new patients in January that required a minimal amount of work (~ 4 visits each) to fix their problems. Two were runners and one was an 11 year swimmer. They responded very well to the treatment I provided and we will start having them resume normal activities immediately and check back in on them in a few weeks. My point is that we treat everyone as an individual not a number. We have a busy practice, but it’s not crazy. I only see one patient at a time and my support staff has a great way of helping me and making you comfortable.

If you are looking for new doctor, ask around and find some patients that have been here and ask them their experience. Call the office and ask to speak with me if you have questions. I’ll be direct and honest with you; please return the favor. If we agree on what I do and what you want great, if not try someone else.

Pretty basic but helpful advice no matter whose services you need.

Dr. Cerami

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