Minimum Effective Dose …Minimal Effective Chiropractic

I just listened to a great podcast by Tim Ferriss this morning (Episode #44) about how to avoid decision fatigue and it made me think about the clinical work we provide to patients. Tim explains that when we have too many choices to make we eventually end up making bad decisions because we get overwhelmed. He also has a great section on M.E.D. (Minimal Effective Dosing), which is the part I wanted to share today.


In health care, if you’re hurting, making a choice about who to see can be challenging because there are so many options available. I find that sometimes when one of our existing patients tries to refer a friend and mentions that I am a Chiropractor the other party envisions what they are going to receive at the office.  Unfortunately the perception is not always that great or usually dead wrong. I love my profession I’ve chosen and it has shown me a lifetime philosophy of health and miracles of the human body. But… it is also spans a huge variety of ways to approach health and healing. Some chiropractic doctors may demand or suggest VERY long and extensive treatment plans. Some may feel that your spine needs straightening or that you should only come in when you are hurting.  I can’t speak with authority on those options but I can only say that the patient should be educated like any consumer and make the best decision for their needs and realize there are MANY options within the profession. Just as there are many options for dentist, health coaches, auto repair, plumbers, surgeons and more.


At Utah Sports and Wellness we schedule no more than 4-6 visits after your initial examination before we do a progress exam. This gives us the opportunity and time to fix most of the bio-mechanical and alignment problems the patient has. The vast majority of our patients feel better after 3 weeks. This is what I would call Minimal Effective Chiropractic.  At 3 weeks we’ll review what symptomatic and functional changes we’ve seen. We’ll also do an AMIT muscle examination. As you can see from our Office Treatment Plan, you’ll have options at his point. If you’re feeling great and don’t need much more we can finish up your care. If you want or need a deeper look into the cause of the problem we can do that. Either way you decide what works best for you. My hope is that this information should make it easier to help our patients explain to new patient what it is exactly that we do.

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