Martina V.

Martina V. is a very active 38 year old female athlete and teacher. She was referred to our office by a past patient. Martina back country skis, runs, does yoga and hikes regularly. She reported her symptoms began a little over a year ago with increased pain especially in her left knee in the past 3 months. She had an MRI done prior to seeing us which yielded no conclusive results. She tried a variety of treatments with no real progress.

Martina’s first visit was on March 9th where we identified pelvic rotation and neurologically inhibited muscles at the L1 and L5 nerve root levels. We up- regulated the area with Cold Laser therapy and made bio-mechanical corrections, then scheduled her for a series of 6 visits. She reported increased soreness and being more symptomatic (overall) on her 2nd and 3rd visit, but her mechanics and balance showed significant and sustained improvement. On her third visit her knee felt better but she reported her sacro-iliac (SI) joint pain was causing her distress and questioning whether she made the right decision to see us. This was on a Friday.

Martina’s next appointment was on Monday the 21st and she came in all smiles. She was thrilled and amazed that she had no pain for 4 days and couldn’t get over how good she felt even after hammering her body skiing over the weekend.

She continues good progress and all of her clinical findings are showing substantial improvement. We will be seeing her weekly for a few weeks and then offering her a wellness schedule program with a visit every month or two if she is interested.

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