Marilyn A. Roubidoux, MD
Professor of Radiology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“My adult daughter had severe problems with neck and shoulder pain for several years, which seemed to be due to some old minor injuries and fibromyalgia. This became much worse when she became an ultrasound technologist, which required using her right hand and arm daily at work. Nothing gave any relief until she started treatment at this clinic, and the results have been (in my mind) quite miraculous, and changed her life for the better. After I injured my back in a fall, I had had no improvement with physical therapy, and the pain got worse after a 12 hour airplane trip. Every morning I woke up barely able to turn over in bed. Since my daughter had had so much improvement with treatment in this clinic, I also had a few treatments when I was visiting in SLC, and also had improvement of my back pain.

When I returned to Michigan I told some friends about these good results. One friend has had severe disabling migraines for years, and she started treatment with a similar practioner here in Michigan who was recommended by Dr. Cerami. This friend has now had 4 weeks free of migraines, for the first time in years. She is surprised and delighted that something ‘finally helped’. I am very impressed with the results of these treatments. If have friends or family are needing pain medication to function, or have had no success with conventional medical treatments, I encourage them to consult with Dr. Cerami.”

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