Marie E.

Wellness and Maintenance Care pays big Dividends for Marie

This month our theme has showing our patients the benefits of taking care of yourself with Chiropractic Care. Marie has been under our care for about 6 months. She initially came in for some complaints that impeded her ability to play tennis at the level she enjoyed. Most of those initial problems were corrected in the first month of care. After she completed 10 visits and during the progress exam I gave Marie the option of ending care and calling us when she needs us or moving to a “Wellness Care” program where we would continue working on her, making adjustments and improving the function of her neuro-spinal system. Our Wellness Care plan reduces the price of the office visit by 25% and supports patients who want to be proactive with their health by making a commitment to the office.

Marie has been coming in about once per month and continues to see changes in her health. Please note; She is not sick and has no pain. She gets adjusted monthly to help her function better and adapt to her world in a more positive way. I have been a chiropractor for over 27 years and have been regularly adjusted for over 40 years and feel, like Marie, that a well functioning spine and nervous system is vital to good health, wellness and attitude.

Dr. Cerami

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