Kim came in to see us after meeting with me at the monthly injury consult I do at Salt Lake Running Company. I remember when we first met she seemed very skeptical about whether we could help her. The other thing I noticed was that this woman was committed to getting back to a sport she totally loved and I could see at least a glimmer of hope peeking out from behind her skepticism. She told me her running was a big part of her life and helped her manage the demands of running a small business and taking care of her family.

Her initial symptoms were bilateral knee pain, right hip pain that was present years ago (now resolved), pain wearing high heels and low back pain. She had visited multiple doctors and therapist with no results. Her examination revealed both hips were rotated backward; she had pretty severe foot pronation, good cervical spine alignment but also some restriction on range of motion in the neck. I muscle tested upper and lower extremity nerve roots and found a hidden problem with her left Lumbar #5 that was now working. She also showed asymmetry between her left and right pelvic position and a functionally longer left leg.

Her treatment plan was a straightforward approach: On the initial visit I cold lasered the L5 nerve root which turned on the inhibited muscle which then tested out fine. I corrected the leg discrepancy, adjusted her lumbar vertebra as well as 2 cervical vertebrae to improve function and nerve flow. I adjusted and taped her feet gave her a few things to do and scheduled her for 4 visits at a twice per week schedule.

On her 4th visit, Kim was reporting a 60% improvement. I saw her a week later and she was 95% improved from her initial visit. She will continue care as needed with a schedule that works for her. Kim is very excited to be back on the road and pleased she continued to look for answers to her problem.

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