Julia is a 56 year old executive that loves to run and has done triathlons in the past. In her training for the St. George marathon, she injured her right ankle which caused considerable edema and swelling. When she tried to run the pain increased so she stopped running for a few weeks and saw no improvement. She was referred to our office by another runner we helped that was in her running group. She had serious doubts about completing the marathon as her training was at a standstill.

Initial examination revealed her foot was subluxated at the talo-navicular joint and had a tarsal tunnel inflammation. She also had moderate pronation in both arches which we taped after the foot was adjusted. Pelvic rotation and lower lumbar subluxations contributed to the problem. Because Julia travels for work quite a bit we had to juggle her schedule of care. After the structural alignment was completed in 4 visits we treated the soft tissue with FSM Julia reported no change after the first FSM session. The edema in her foot dramatically decreased after the next 2 FSM treatments and the pain was gone in less than 2 weeks from her initial visit with us. We followed up with some additional “clean up” work to make sure her foot and hips were stable and could handle the additional demand of mileage. We are happy to report Julia ran 22 miles last weekend and will be on the start line of the marathon ready to go.

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