Jessica came to see us for a grade 3 ankle sprain that occurred in July of 2010 while she was playing soccer. She visited a “doc in the box” that didn’t do much for her. She continued to suffer with pain and lack of movement for 6 months which restricted her ability to teach as a fitness instructor. Her problem was not getting any better no matter what she tried.

She found us through an advertisement and by checking out our website. Her initial exam showed soft tissue damage as well as misaligned bones in her foot and initial signs of scar tissue formation. We adjusted her feet 2x per week for 3 weeks and cold lasered to improve ATP production and restore neurological integrity to muscles that were inhibited in her leg.

Jessica showed dramatic improvement within 1 week and was done with the bio-mechanical corrections in 6 visits. We followed up with 2 Frequency Specific Microcurrent sessions to handle the soft tissue trauma. She is 95% better and now is back to her full time job as a Mom, fitness instructor and soccer player. She is doing rehab exercises at home to rebuild muscle strength in her ankle and will see us on an as needed basis.

We were happy to help this young woman get back to doing the sports and activities she enjoys so much.

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