I Had Never Felt Pain Like This

By: Andrea J. Snow,Utah Sports and Wellness logo LMT

On a hot, July day a few summers ago, I fell flat on my butt ice-skating. Turns out, I’m not as agile as I used to be. I felt ok for a few minutes, but by the time I got to the car, I was definitely in pain. By that evening, and especially the next morning, my lower back all across my tailbone and hips was a searing, fragile mess. In the coming days, I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lay down, driving was frustrating, walking was slow and measured. My right hip jutted out. Standing was sort of ok if I rested my right knee on a chair. The situation was clearly not sustainable.

I saw a back specialist, wondering what I’d done to myself. An x-ray was taken. “It looks fine,” they said, “it’ll just take a while to feel better. Here, take these.” Now, I have two kids and a job and a lot of stuff to do. I can’t lay around not operating heaving machinery with pain-killers coursing through my body on a Tuesday. This situation was also clearly not sustainable.

In a few weeks, I did feel a bit better (without pain-killers). Well, good enough to weed a flower bed. And it came back, but worse. I had never been to a chiropractor, but knew that people go when they have back pain. I was desperate and Googled the closest chiropractor, who luckily could get me in that day. And, in a few sessions with the chiropractor and a massage therapist, I was as good as new. I couldn’t believe it. It worked!

I appreciate this experience because when I see a client in pain, I know what they may be experiencing. I understand the draw to use pain-killers. I understand the desperate need for relief.

I also appreciate the relationship between massage therapy and chiropractic work. In its simplest terms, chiropractic work addresses the spine and bones, and massage therapy the soft tissue. When these two practices are combined, I’ve seen many people achieve real relief and healing. I’ve experienced it myself.

What I really appreciate from my lower back experience, however, is the empathy I learned to feel for others.

I had never felt real pain before. Real pain, that disrupts your life, that’s so consuming you can’t think about anything else, that brings on tears as you get in the car. At that point, I’d been a professional massage therapist for about 15 years, and didn’t have real empathy for real pain. I see people in pain all the time, and now I know what they know.

Dr. Cerami, myself, and the staff at Utah Sports and Wellness take your rehabilitation, pain-relief, improvement, and wellness very seriously. We’re so grateful for all of our many patients and clients who rely on us to feel better. We’re so humbled to all of you for thinking of us, for rescheduling, and for referring your friends and family. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for making 2016 a great year!

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