“Here Lies George, Died at 60…Buried at 80″…(Why getting adjusted once per month makes sense)


By Dr. Michael Cerami

The headline above is very clear; what do you want your future to look like? We believe that investing and maintaining your health on a regular basis today pays dividends not only in the “quantity” of health, but also in the “quality” of how you experience life.

It’s very hard to imagine how our body will be “talking” to us in 10, 20 or 40 years. Some people believe good health and a vibrant life are things of chance. They’ll reference their Uncle that “smoke and drank until he was 90” and it didn’t have any effect on him. Or the other side of the coin where their neighbor was a meditating vegetarian that exercised all the time and got cancer at 45 years old. Seems kind of silly and I get that sometimes these things are just expressions of our frustration from to some degree not being able to predict our future and how cruel life can be. It doesn’t however give us a pass from taking responsibility for our health.

It may be helpful to look at this a little differently. Years ago I was at a lecture when I heard something that has always stuck with me. The idea was that we can control our effort but we can’t control the outcome of our effort.  This concept has helped me in countless situations over my life. It keeps me disciplined to put in the effort but doesn’t guarantee results. Some of the choices we make in life do guarantee results like a college education gives you a diploma, purchasing a house gives you ownership but health care is much more fuzzy. Even though eating right, exercising, and getting adjusted regularly can’t guarantee results, they definitely point you in the right direction and they are usually very affordable and easy to make a routine out of.

My personal experience with regular adjustments started in 1972 when I was 14 years old. My chiropractor Dr. Dave Blessing (yes, Blessing J) started explaining how the body worked and ideas behind the adjustment. It made total sense to me but in reality what made more sense was the feeling of better health. I stopped getting sore throats and stiff necks. My twin brother got rid of his sinus headaches. A friend’s sister didn’t have the regular occurrence of kidney stones. As the years passed, I had a better appreciation of wellness; physical and emotional. I felt vibrant. And when I missed a few months of not getting adjusted I felt my mood and attitude drop. Crazy stuff.

The best thing I can suggest is to commit to regular visits for 1 year. Once per month for 1 year and see what you notice. Our fee structure makes it a very reasonable for your future health. Invest in yourself and you’ll be better off in the long run. Definitely better off than George who probably wished he was buried at 60.

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