FSM Seminar

By: Stephanie Anaya

Here at Utah Sports and Wellness, we use a treatment called Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).  Dr. Cerami has treated tons of patients with FSM and I knew how successful of a treatment it is, but didn’t fully appreciate the treatment until I attended an FSM seminar.  FSM can help treat anything from fibromyalgia to a broken ankle.  Dr. Carolyn McMakin is the queen of FSM and resurrected FSM treatment from the early 1920’s and ran with it- making it a successful treatment for “incurable” ailments.  Dr. McMakin holds numerous seminars around the world to teach FSM and spread the word.  At first it seems woo woo or new agey, but there are countless documentations and a peer-reviewed text book on FSM.  Dr. McMakin has numerous stories of treating “difficult” patients.  Basically, whenever doctors have been unsuccessful with patients, they send them to her.

Prior to attending this seminar, I hadn’t used FSM on myself and relied on the results I have seen in our patients in the clinic.  During this intensive 3.5-day seminar, Dr. McMakin basically teaches a new language on treating ailments, during lecture and hands-on practicum.  It was during these practicums that I was truly sold on the technique.  Prior to this seminar, I had a stressful event and Dr. McMakin wanted to make sure I played the role of being the patient.

The protocol that we used on me was the “concussion” or reset protocol.  That night, I felt so relaxed and slept the deepest I’ve slept in a long time.  I woke up feeling relaxed and refreshed and wanted to try all the 100 plus protocols built into our portable units.  Over the next few days, I learned the specifics of each protocol and was inspired to start using the portable FSM and am now obsessed with it!

I was instantly excited to finish this seminar so that I could go to work and practice FSM on every injury and ailment that I came across.  At the end of the 3.5 days, I had learned the beginning of a new language that takes years to master and I now think about how I can help anyone with a simple machine that sends microcurrent to specific cells in the body with a specific message. In our office, we have 5 FSM units available for treatment. Check out the details and research here: http://www.utahsportsandwellness.com/fsm/

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