Finding the Right Balance

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, some not so much. One morning you may wake up feeling like you can take on the world and other days may require another 15 minutes of sleep.  There are days full of adventure and excitement. Other times, the daily grind is all you can bare.

As humans, we strive for balance all the way down to our genetic make-up. Our bodies work hard to maintain a consistent temperature and regulate salt-to-water ratio. This is called homeostasis.  The body will provide indicators when it’s out of balance.

While homeostatic balance is at the root of our physiology, balance in everyday life is important as well. Routines like the order of steps taken to get ready in the morning or prepare for an activity, are present in all human life.  Just as the body provides indicators for physiological imbalance, it provides indicators of life imbalance. Lots of these surface as physiological symptoms such as muscle knots or back pain caused by stress.

Balance comes in many forms. Finding a balance with food is a struggle all of us face at one time or another. Eating well is one element of healthy living, but that’s not news to any of us. If you look at dieting from a logical view point, the success rate is low because the dramatic decrease in calories puts the body into a psychological state of starvation. So at the end of the day, the body binges. All those calories you were avoiding, you end up consuming anyways and then some. Life is too short to be ridiculously rigid with what you eat. I’ve learned that I can enjoy eating good healthy foods. And every once in a while, I get to enjoy that good unhealthy food, but that comes in moderation.

Exercise is another tricky place to find balance. The root of exercise is forcing the body into a state of discomfort. Improvement happens as the body and mind allow the discomfort to be present.  But adjusting to this presents a fair amount of stress.  This is where injury occurs from over use or improper form.  Finding the place where noticeable results are met but not exceeded is difficult. Trial and error is often the best way to find that place. And when it is found, it is made part of a routine.

We don’t exist in a vacuum. Unexpected events come up that throw our lives out of balance.  But this is a good thing. It allows us to grow. Life would be really boring if our routines never got interrupted, but those interruptions can cause problems if they are not managed appropriately. This is where a monthly visit at our office can make a big difference. Regular adjustments can help alleviate the effects of stress, help prevent further damage, and keep you balanced physically, chemically and emotionally.


By Taylor Schweitzer

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