Erika Q.

No More Knee Pain for this Ragnar Mom

Erika has had knee pain for the past few years and has gotten limited success using chiropractic care, physical therapy and bracing. Her previous treatment protocols were time consuming and expensive. Erika is a stay at home Mom whose husband found out about us because he wanted to use our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber HBOT.

At her husband’s recommendation, she set up a brief consultation with me so I could do a quick assessment to determine whether I could be of help. Her exam revealed poorly tracking patellar (bilateral) and severe pronation in one foot. I Rock-taped her feet and knees on the first visit as well as made a few structural corrections to her lower back.

When Erika got off the table she couldn’t believe her knees didn’t hurt. We scheduled her for 3 more sessions to help her get ready for the Ragnar Relay which included adjustments, FSM and HBOT. After her first visit she reported she was better but not able to run more than a few miles without pain; an improvement but not enough of it. It took the additional two visits for her to feel “great” and not have any pain at all on running or going up and down stairs.

I showed Erika how to tape her knees if she needed any help during the Ragnar Relay and sent her off to have fun.

Dr. Cerami

Sometimes there is a simple fix to a long standing problem. Call us to see if taping is an answer to your injury

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