Curtiss is a 45 year old Delta Airline employee that arrived at our office in a lot of pain and a history of surgery and epidural injections for low back pain. On his first visit with us Curtiss could hardly stand and was taking Naproxen for the severe pain he was experiencing. His MRI report showed severe central canal stenosis, disc protrusions, osteophytes and bilateral facet arthrosis. Basically his spine had been under extreme compression for years and all of this damage was coming home to roost.

My goal was to check the causative factors of this damage and see if we could correct them one at a time. Curtiss and I agreed that the problem needed to be dealt with from a causative level as surgery and medications were not getting him the results he wanted. His main object was to get better so he could again play and spend time with his young daughter. In his present condition, he couldn’t enjoy any activities with her because he hurt too much.

After the exam, I laid out a 4 week program for Curtiss that involved 8 chiropractic visits and 4 FSM sessions. After the first visit he reported he slept much better. Within a week he “waking almost normal”, and within 3 weeks Curtiss was had a 50% to normal recovery. We reduced his visit schedule to once per week shortly thereafter and now he reports feels great and really enjoying time with his daughter. We will see him for a few more visit and then move him to our once per month maintenance schedule.

There were a few important “take home” notes on this case:

  1. Curtiss was relatively young when his back started hurting. With the type of damage seen on the MRI, his degeneration started well before he became symptomatic. Like tooth decay, many spinal problems get very bad before they start hurting.
  2. At 45 years old Curtiss is probably only ½ way through his life. This condition would continue to erode his spine and his health unless treated. If he had waited another 10 years to treat these problems we may not have gotten such good results.
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