Another Happy Triathlete

I met Chris at one of the Salt Lake Running Company injury consultations I do monthly. He made an appointment with the office a few months after I initially examined and talked with him.

Chris reported he ran the St. George marathon in quite a bit of pain even with the help of aspirin. His pain was focused in the inner side of his right knee. Chris told me he had plans for the 70.3 Half ironman in Oceanside at the end of March and his knee pain was unrelenting. He had increased pain with all weight bearing activity as well as running and biking.

As I worked my way through the follow up examination and treatment I focused on the 2 main problems that I saw: a severely rotated hip and high arches in both feet. After correcting the hip imbalance and testing all lower extremity muscles, I adjusted Chris’ feet and fit him with an over the counter set of inserts for his biking shoes to support the arch.

Chris reported a “60-70%” improvement on his second office visit. I again adjusted the feet, hips and knees and lumbar vertebra as I found the pattern hadn’t cleared completely.

Chris felt another 10% improvement on his next visit and his adjustment were holding well. I knew he would need a different type of support for his running shoe but, as is customary for my protocol, I don’t make custom orthotics until we have completely corrected the extremity distortions.

The next 2 visits were scheduled to reduce inflammation in the knees with Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The orthotic was made for his running shoes (flexible and light vs. more rigid for cycling shoes) during this period as well.

Successful completion of this case was done in less than 10 visits and Chris is now very excited to train injury free for his race.

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